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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Trip To India '

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    I had heard the old cliché about how when you first arrive in India, it’s like stepping into an oven. But this hadn’t prepared me for the fact that when you first arrive in India it is like stepping into an oven. Delhi Airport was incredible. That number of people simply couldn’t fit v into such a small place and not end up eating each other. All of a sudden someone brushed past me, almost knocking me over. “Hey”, I said frustrated. I couldn’t see who it was but at least I heard a sorry. I continued

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of A Horse

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    I woke up to the sound of my mother calling my name and shaking my shoulder. Quietly she whispered, “Would you like to help grandpa move the cows this morning?” I nodded my head and quickly changed out of my pajamas into jeans. I made sure to hurry because my grandpa is a very impatient man. Sheepishly, I headed out the door into the brisk morning air. Everyone was ready to go on either fourwheelers or the back of my grandpa’s truck. Personally, I loved sitting on the edge of the truck even though

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Solution To Happiness

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    I tumble into my room, my legs go numb, and I fall onto the floor. I think to myself, this will get rid of the endless thoughts of being not smart enough, pretty enough, nice enough. But as I lie there on the ground, I realized although my body is numb and I honestly can’t even tell where my arms and legs are, I’m still stuck with my thoughts. I realized at that point, the most numb I’ve ever felt, it still didn’t help me feel happy. The drugs, the alcohol, the constant pushing down my feelings into

  • Personal Narrative Essay On Lung Cancer

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    Cancer; defined as “any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively.” To most, cancer is an imprisoning disease victimizing innocent people who don’t deserve to go through the suffering that cancer prescribes. To me, however, it was just a word. Without a warning, my grandpa, was diagnosed, just like that, with lung cancer of all things. Contrary to my brother and sister, I didn’t understand the significance of cancer. Everyone I had ever known with cancer had been a survivor, not a victim

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Influence Of Soccer

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    Soccer was a sport I always had passion for. Yet, to this day I still regret making the decision to take a break for a couple years. When it was time to come back, it turned out way tougher than I expected. About halfway into my freshman year of high school, I decided to pick the sport back up again. Not only to give myself something to do, but to also put myself out there again. You see, a big reason why I stopped playing soccer was because I struggled to maintain my composure whenever I began

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Adventure Of The Day

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    It was a fairly normal December morning. Little did I know I was about to go on a great adventure that demonstrated just how much i was willing to do for dumb crap. I woke up on the 15th expecting normal activity out of the day. I went down stairs and fried two eggs over hard I sit down in the office room of my house and begin eating. I turn on the tv to find that the channel the tv was on was tuned in to some less than desirable programing. I rolled my eyes as I faintly tried to ponder why people

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Talking To The Family

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    My alarm clock went off at 6:00 as usual. I jumped out of bed hoping to hear a ´Happy Birthday´ but all i heard was clashing pans, and running water. I looked around around at my boring empty room in despair, then decide to face my fear and talk to my family. Most people love talking to their family, i find it exhausting, considering its mostly them barking orders and me listening. When I walked out the door, i started to smell eggs. It was my 16th birthday, and i thought for oce someone did

  • Write A Personal Narrative Essay On Jainism

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    As I child, I was exposed to two main principals, ahimsa and satya, which mean nonviolence and truth. Ahimsa includes the idea of non-violence towards animals, which is similar to another Indian faith, Jainism. Jains believe that their commitment towards non-violence of all creatures is based on the idea that all species should have the right to exist equally, including animals. My mom was very interested in Jainism, and therefore introduced me to the idea that non-violence can lead to equality.

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Land Of Swan Hill

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    Loneliness, apprehension and dismay were all emotions I felt as we drove through the new and unfamiliar land of Swan Hill, a rural town very unlike the environment I was used to. The town seemed so alien to me, there were no tall buildings towering over me, no fluorescent lights shining brightly and most noticeably, there weren’t any noisy vehicles rushing along the tangled lines of streets. Instead, I was greeted with complete silence. Stretching out on either side of the road were ordinary

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Best Dreams In The World

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    I am walking down the streets of my city with my headphones on, looking at the people walking around me, and listening to the lyrics of my favorite song. I see people rushing for work, children with heavy bags walking their way to school, some with smiles on their faces and some tired of waking up every morning, and then there is me, pretending I am the star of my own movie, music has always had this effect on my head, making me imagine and feel unreal situations, like a stimulation drug that moves