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  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Challenges Of My Life

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    Trying to fit and be “normal” seems to be almost impossible. We all have different shapes, sizes, and personalities as well as having different stories, challenges, and backgrounds but one way or another we all manage to make it thought. Usually when we try and do something the challenges that come with it sometimes bring us down but sometimes those challenges are what makes us stronger because they help us learn about what not to do next time. I have definitely been many instances in my life where

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother's Story

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    I had taken my mother out to lunch at my favorite Chinese restaurant in hopes of putting her in a good mood, but it was a disaster. When we met at the Four Directions Restaurant, she eyed me with immediate disapproval. "Ai-ya! What's the matter with your hair?" she said in Chinese. "What do you mean, 'What's the matter,' " I said. "I had it cut." Mr. Rory had styled my hair differently this time, an asymmetrical blunt-line fringe that was shorter on the left side. It was fashionable, yet not radically

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A New Karate Kids

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    A New Karate Kid ¨Nothing worth having comes easy¨- Theodore Roosevelt. This quote along with many others have inspired me since I started karate nine years ago. When I was four I started karate and I was the only girl in my class which presented some struggles along the way. As I continued to grow I made friends with people who believed that I could earn a black belt. The support of my friends and my family helped me have the drive to keep working. Imagine it, a small room with blue and red mats

  • Personal Narrative Essay: All-State 2016

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    I pressed the power button on my screen and clicked open the browser. My brain insisted on checking social media, even after updating Facebook multiple times within the hour. I ignored this urge and opted to check out the Washington Music Educators Association website, out of curiosity, for information about the upcoming All-State orchestra event. For the past year, I wanted the opportunity to attend All-State 2016. All-State, a group of the best musicians in all of Washington, an amazing but difficult

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life In Love

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    For seven months of my life, I thought I was in love. He was perfect in my mind; we could spend days together without getting bored of one another. Eventually, things turned sour as he became toxic and began to show sociopathic behaviors. He started to cancel plans with me, just to get high with his friends. He started to ignore me for hours with no regard to my fears of abandonment. A few days after Thanksgiving, I had a mental breakdown. He told me that he doesn’t want to be in a relationship

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Father's Home

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    One of the first things that I do once my father gets home is to just go to my room and wish I wasn't there. Every day there's always a fight about something currently it's about him not wanting me to work on the weekdays because of school. What he doesn't know is that it's been like that for months now because of it. My parents argue about wants and need, and blame. Blaming each other for ones injorances, or not doing what is asked. When the arguing starts i go to my room out on my headphones and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day At A Cold Family

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    It was a cold saturday morning when i woke up at around nine covered with a bunch of blankets.When i woke up i heard my mom cooking in the kitchen so i decided to go help her make breakfast.I got up threw on a pair of blue jeans,a black hoodie and some slippers and made my way to the kitchen.When i walked into the kitchen i started helping my mom make pancakes.Although it was a cold morning when i walked into the kitchen the sun was shining through the kitchen window.Once breakfast was ready my dad

  • Personal Narrative Essay On A Road Trip To NASA

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    I heard my mom calling me that breakfast was ready and I heard fast footsteps all around the rooms in the house.I checked my clock and it said 8:25 AM I woke up ran to the kitchen and felt the smell of pepper it was scrambled eggs.I was so hungry I ate it in a snap,I ran upstairs and I had forgotten we were going on a road trip to the NASA we were going on a tour and we were going to see rockets.I forgot to tell you my dad works in the NASA he is a rocket engineer.My mom does not work she mostly

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day To Mackinac Island

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    “Hey hey, get up!” My mom screamed at me. “What is it mom, it’s 6:41 in the morning” I moaned as I rolled over. “We are running late, as always” she yelled. That’s when I remembered that today was the day we were going to Mackinac Island. I have been waiting for this day for over two weeks and it was finally here. I sprinted out of my room and ran straight for the bathroom. I flung the shower on and hopped in. “Ahhhhhhh” I screamed the water was so cold. I jumped out and through on a pair of

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Journey At Metrowest

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    My journey at metrowest My story begins at north high school. I went to north my first two years of high school. I had a bad experience at north. I got into the wrong crowd right off the bat. I passed only about half of my classes first semester freshman year. Second semester i met my demon. I met a boy that was a demon. He made me think that he loved me but he didn’t. He used me like his bully doll, he mentally and sometimes physically abused me. He broke me down to my lowest point in life, i