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  • Personal Narrative Essay: An Example Of My Tribe: My Family

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    Crysta Shoffner Mrs. Jamadi Honors 9 ELA Jan. 11th, 2016 My Tribe My tribe is my family. I consider them my tribe because out of everything in this world, my family has stuck with me the most. Through hard times we got through it, and we are becoming stronger as a family unit every day. Since I consider my family as my tribe, it consist of my close family. My close family is my step-mother, my father, and my little sister. Out of all the people in my family they are the people who have

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My First Day At High School

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    August 17th 2014, my first day at high school. Nerve wracking to say the least. I knew my aim for school which was to get good grades then hurry up and move onto University, it’s easier said than done but I had faith in my abilities. At the time, my family and I had a strong relationship as I always told them the truth as I had nothing to hide from them. After 1 good result, I made it into the top maths class however my friend didn’t quite reach the same level as me which led me to making fun of

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Best Day By Alexander Zimny

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    The day of Halloween 3 years ago was really crazy with my best friend Alexander Zimny. I was at home eating ham and watching the 100. as I was eating I remembered it was the day I was going to AIex Zimneys house i was supposed to go there at five, but at four thirty I begged my mom to let me go early, but like the mean boar she always is, she said, no so I went up to my room cried a little bit and took a nap. It felt like eternity before setting off on foot to meet Alex at the nature center, which

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Adrift: First Day Off-World

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    Adrift Space was a living nightmare when you thought about it. An endless black expanse of void - and me in a tiny soup can that kept out the cold emptiness. These were the thoughts bouncing around in my head as I finished my twenty-first day off-planet. I was floating in a rusty old dinghy of a spaceship, propelled only by my initial momentum and my prayers that I’d make it to Proxima before my rations ran out. Cheery. The first month had been underscored with emotion. Relief, at first, for

  • Personal Narrative Essay: What I Changed My Life

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    7am was an extremely early time for me to wake up on a normal Saturday morning considering I’d usually lie in my bed till 10 then get ready to volunteer at the shop. But today wasn’t a normal Saturday. This was a Saturday to remember. This is the Saturday that would potentially shape my life. I clenched my phone in my hands. Why was I so nervous? Never in my life have I worked so hard for something, surely I would receive what I deserved? Minutes passed and it felt like hours. BUZZ. Determined not

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Before I Fall In A Seepe

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    SOME TIME BEFORE I FALL INTO SLEEP Looking at my arm which became red after you made a point shot with your pink slipper; mom, I think the slippers looked better on your feet. Of course I’m not brave enough to tell you that five minutes after you learned “the thing”, instead I turn my eyes away from you. There are six squares on the pattern of out carpet. And two circles. The toy trolley’s one wheel is broken. A yellow banana peel is on the sofa. I’ve always thought I had five photos on our photograph

  • Personal Narrative Essay: You Will Always Be My Best Friend

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    “You will always be my best friend,” words that seemed so unbreakable at the time. Middle of my freshman year, and I sat in history, right next to my so-called “best friend” not saying a word. People always say that your friends in high school change, but I certainly did not think that would come true my freshman year. Everything happened so suddenly, one week we were hanging out, and the next, we were trying to avoid eye contact in the hallway. I understood that friends fight, and we had fought

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience At Camp Half Blood

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    So, I just arrived at Camp Half Blood and I was hurting really bad. And all that I remember is someone telling me your mom is a goddess. And I told myself I was going to go to sleep until the next day, ok I arrived at Camp Half Blood yesterday and I was hurting really really bad but I feel alot better than when I arrived yesterday. And my partner that sleeps above me in the bunk bed said to another person ‘’are you ready for the capture the flag game Friday?’’ And so I panicked it was Wednesday

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day I Fell Off My Dirt Bike

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    One of the most eye-opening experiences of my life was the day I fell off my dirt bike because I wasn’t thinking very logically. The day I fell of my dirt bike made me realize that I needed to be more careful and listen to my parents because I never want to experience that amount of excruciating pain ever again. I was full of excitement and very hard headed so that did not mix well with a dirt bike but it all started on December 25, 2015. Yes, Christmas Day. I had just finished my opening all

  • Franklin Foer Analysis

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    our age, from the clash of civilizations to the global economy. Franklin Foer’s commendable use of language and his enviable skills as a narrator, coupled with his first hand narratives and his abundant knowledge of the subject