Personal Narrative Essay: The Land Of Swan Hill

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Loneliness, apprehension and dismay were all emotions I felt as we drove through the new and unfamiliar land of Swan Hill, a rural town very unlike the environment I was used to. The town seemed so alien to me, there were no tall buildings towering over me, no fluorescent lights shining brightly and most noticeably, there weren’t any noisy vehicles rushing along the tangled lines of streets. Instead, I was greeted with complete silence. Stretching out on either side of the road were ordinary but slightly old houses and even though it was small, the town still felt like a maze of narrow winding streets. After two weeks of settling into our new home, in a new town, it was time for me to start my first day of school at a new school. My mother was showering me with encouraging advice as we walked to school. Yet, when I walked through the entrance gates with my eyes gazing at the ground, I couldn’t help but believe I was walking into a storm.…show more content…
As she introduced me, I attempted to avoid the judging eyes of my classmates. While I was smiling on the outside, I could feel my stomach shifting uneasily and my pulse pounding in my temples on the inside. After the teacher stopped talking and all the girls in the class came rushing towards me. They each presented themselves to me and we began laughing and talking together. Eventually, Ms Mahoney instructed everyone to sit down, the girls held my hand and sat me down next to them, as if they had just welcomed me into their tribe. As the day went on, we chatted, braided each other's hair and played on the playground together. Soon enough, all the tension in my body had been leached out and was replaced by feelings of happiness and

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