Personal Narrative Essay: The Influence Of Soccer

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Soccer was a sport I always had passion for. Yet, to this day I still regret making the decision to take a break for a couple years. When it was time to come back, it turned out way tougher than I expected. About halfway into my freshman year of high school, I decided to pick the sport back up again. Not only to give myself something to do, but to also put myself out there again. You see, a big reason why I stopped playing soccer was because I struggled to maintain my composure whenever I began to feel nervous. In the end, I realized my anxiety was the biggest obstacle I was facing. As I was walking through the hallways of my school, a flyer caught my eye; “Soccer tryouts”. “December 1st - December 4th”. Surprised, I thought to myself.…show more content…
A feeling that felt all too familiar. Thoughts spread through my mind like a wildfire in a forest. “What if I embarrass myself?” or “What if I mess up and get yelled at?” all clouded my mental state. So much I realized I wasn't even paying attention to my algebra teacher lecture about slope intercept form. The day of the tryout, I felt as if I was physically prepared, but not mentally prepared. For some reason I still felt extremely nervous. I knew their was not anything extreme at stake, yet I felt as if my reputation was on the line. Then it hit me, it was my anxiety. As disappointed as I was that it was still haunting me, I knew I had to push through it if I wanted to make the team. The first thing I couldn't help to notice when I arrived to the field was how many people were actually there. A full team usually consists of 11 players on the field and 6 subs. Counting 25 players there, a lot of them were going to get cut. Knowing this, my anxiety fluctuated to an entirely different level. I noticed my palms getting sweaty, and I began to shake. It felt as if my body wanted me to get the heck out of there as soon as possible, but I remembered what i was there for. That wasn't enough to kill the desire in me to make the

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