Personal Narrative Essay: Softball Field

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The humidity was outrageous and the field and everything around me was blistering and boiling hot. I was in Myrtle beach, South Carolina on this scorching hot day playing a softball tournament. I’d just started playing on a new team, called the 18u Fastpitch Renegades softball team. We had early time games, but in total four games that had to be played that day. The field was different from any other softball field I’d ever played on. The field seemed to be set up almost as if it used to be a baseball field and they turned it into a softball field, it was very interesting to play on. We were thankful for the earlier times because this left us with the rest of the day to enjoy ourselves. We played all four games and our record was 3-1 for the day. Meaning we did fairly good for winning three out of the four games. We were packing up our equipment and getting ready to head back to the house when my dad informed me that my aunt, uncle, and two cousins were only thirty minutes away from where we were staying at a campsite called Ocean View. I hadn’t seen them in over a year because they live in South Carolina and I of course live in…show more content…
My imagination was rolling while I was thinking about how the house would look like. I was picturing it to be big and spacious with a ocean front view. I was excited but then we arrived and to my disappointment I soon realised that I was very wrong. The house was big I couldn't have been anymore right on that part but also one part I never would have expected and that was that the house we were staying at was a frat house. A house full of college students partying. It was very interesting and entertaining to see. The time had flown by and I soon realised that it was midnight. Once I had gotten inside and put away my suitcase my teammates decided we should all go down to the beach to walk on the cool sand under the bright

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