Personal Narrative Essay: The Adventure Of The Day

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It was a fairly normal December morning. Little did I know I was about to go on a great adventure that demonstrated just how much i was willing to do for dumb crap. I woke up on the 15th expecting normal activity out of the day. I went down stairs and fried two eggs over hard I sit down in the office room of my house and begin eating. I turn on the tv to find that the channel the tv was on was tuned in to some less than desirable programing. I rolled my eyes as I faintly tried to ponder why people find such awesome things asmusing. I then turn the channel to an intellectual show, Riverdale. I began to eat my breakfast and enjoyed it thoroughly. After breakfast I take out my phone and go to instagram. I scroll over to a page that covers upcoming things that I am…show more content…
I say yes because there was nothing that was going to stop me from getting my hands on such a prestigious item. Munir had the same determination and grit as I did. The next morning comes along and this is the day we board the plane. My Dad, Munir and I all decide to catch an Uber to the airport. Once we call an uber to my house and it takes an entire hour to arrive. We were all very annoyed with the delay. To make matters worse the uber driver was a real chatterbox. The uber driver was rambling on about knitting blankets for 15 minutes which bored us out of our minds. Then I spotted a Make America Great Again hat on top of the glove compartment. Just as I notice this the uber started talking about his political views. The Uber driver says that he supports trump solely because of him trying to lower taxes on the middle class. My dad gets TRIGGERED when he hears this and so they start arguing. My dad says “HE IS A RACIST, BIGOTED, MISOGYNISTIC DISRESPECT OF WOMEN” etcetera. The Uber driver says that Trump's plan seem pretty solid. For the rest of the ride my dad is just triggered. We finally arrive at the airport and get our tickets

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