Personal Narrative Essay On Lung Cancer

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Cancer; defined as “any evil condition or thing that spreads destructively.” To most, cancer is an imprisoning disease victimizing innocent people who don’t deserve to go through the suffering that cancer prescribes. To me, however, it was just a word. Without a warning, my grandpa, was diagnosed, just like that, with lung cancer of all things. Contrary to my brother and sister, I didn’t understand the significance of cancer. Everyone I had ever known with cancer had been a survivor, not a victim. When I found out Gidu was diagnosed, I thought everything would be ok. This was the not the case. From the start, I knew things were going to be different. How different, I wasn’t quite sure. That’s why I started to do some research. I thought to myself, “Hey, okay so this could always be worse right?” Wrong! My head hung lower every time I read a new article heading. I could feel my heart beat like a drum in my chest with every word. “Man dies suddenly with undiagnosed lung cancer.” I could not imagine, I did not want to imagine what my grandpa must have been fighting against. All Gidu wanted, was for us to stay strong. It was hard, but how could we not, right? I prayed and prayed and prayed. All I could hope for now, was a miracle. And that’s when the bad news came.…show more content…
We need to have a family meeting,” Mom exclaimed from the next room. I had been at practice, so how was I to know what to prepare myself for. Bluntly, mom stated, “Guys, listen, I’m really sorry, but Gidu passed away earlier today while you guys were at school.” The news crushed my heart like a door crushes fingers. The room fell silent… No one dared to say a word. We frantically looked around the room for my dad. Amongst the silence, we heard the smallest weeping noise coming from down the hall. That’s when it hit us. He was really

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