Personal Narrative Essay: My Hero's Journey

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Waking up to a new day is just like any other new day since I first came into this world in 1994. The rush of anticipation, trepidation (words that) first spurned my moral foundation of today and then, built being on this ship between good and evil. It is a dull ship to ride because it is my own path. An endless path sprinkled with many possibilities and different! It only was the beginning, the path that was manifested got much further as my years flew by. Most importantly, it wasn’t really about trying to swim and jump between good/evil while on this ride to wherever. I knew once my well-being got settled down to figure out my career in life, then one day whenever that day comes, I’ll realize god-willing that good or evil will cross my soul.…show more content…
Some choose to proceed forward with the noise. Some choose to hide from it. Fact of the matter is I’m a heavy recluse. Well, most of you will automatically assume “ooh he needs to go stop being such a boxed-in guy”. To reiterate my point on my own path again, in order for me to proceed; I need to cope with these noises of the outside world. Things to point out-regarding autism sensory problems. Those of us on the autism spectrum often have sensory problems, including a high level of sensitivity to noise. Our typical western lifestyle, with its barrage of noise, can be a living hell for some aspies whose sensitivity to sound has auties been affected. A few examples of difficult situations include dining out, taking a walk, washing the dishes, using a vacumm cleaner or listening to music. There are many noises that normal people filter out and don’t even notice unless they are pointed it. The rumble of a jet passing overhead, the hum of background traffic, the thumping of a sub whoofer from a teenager’s car going past. Certain frequencies can be like an alarm going off, yet unnoticed by other’s, so another problem is convincing others that the problem exists for

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