Personal Narrative Essay: Talking To The Family

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My alarm clock went off at 6:00 as usual. I jumped out of bed hoping to hear a ´Happy Birthday´ but all i heard was clashing pans, and running water. I looked around around at my boring empty room in despair, then decide to face my fear and talk to my family. Most people love talking to their family, i find it exhausting, considering its mostly them barking orders and me listening. When I walked out the door, i started to smell eggs. It was my 16th birthday, and i thought for oce someone did something for me. I walked over to the stove to get someone of those delicious eggs, when my dad walked past and took the last of them. I watched as my mom, dad and sister all ate, while they stared at me. ¨Ooh i'm late” exclaimed my dad. He ran out of the house grabbing my mom by the hand, right before she left she said ¨Chores are o the fridge.¨ I looked at the log exaggerated list of chores, they used me as a servant. I wasn't a daughter, I was a…show more content…
I was so frustrated with my family and how Ariana didn't have to do anything. I started to pack up things and pull things out of dressers, not really sure what i was gonna do. I started shuffling through my contacts in my phone, searching for someone to call. I didn't have anywhere to go. I remembered that i had been getting emails from a girl named alyssa that was my age. She was telling me to meet her places. I texted her back and told her i wanted to meet. I finished packing all my stuff and has looked at my beautiful house that was spotless clean because of me, i was gonna miss it. I headed out the door and slammed it shut. I met Alyssa at an apartment complex right down the road from my house. I walked up to the dirty rotten place. I spotted Alyssa from across the parking lot. I started to walk towards her, when someone came up behind me and covered my eyes and mouth. I was shoved into what felt like a van, and i was taken

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