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  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Mother's Trip To The Child

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    "We no longer have him anymore…" my dad said crying. I took a minute to process it. Couple minutes later I bursted into tears wanting to know why. Where he went. Why him and not any other dog. I wanted him back my cuddle buddy. My friend that was always there when I needed to let something off my chest. My mom, sister, aunt, cousin and I were at the beach the week before, my dad stayed home to work on the hardwood floors after our pipes bursted that past winter. That week we were having the best

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Walking A Dog Through The Feild

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    yesterday my cousin and i went to walk our puppies after they had done eaten to go poo.we walking the dogs through the feild and then we started playing with them so they can be tired.we walked the dogs through the bricks too play with the kids and while that was happening we had went to bring them home,but instead we walked them a lil lil brother had ask me was i ging get the dogs and i told him yea and he told us too bring them back so he can play with we went back to the bricks

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Martin Luther King's Day?

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    I always like to try something different and I have always been interested in events of the past, like 9/11, slaves, everything like that, so my aunt and uncle made that happen. It was Martin Luther King day of service. My cousins didn’t have school because in GA they have the day off to do community service. We had woken up early in order to get to the place we were supposed to get to in order to pick where we wanted to go that day. After we had eaten and gotten dressed, we realized it was very

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Why You Are You Home

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    “Michael, are you home?” asked my parent.I shouted back, “Yeah, mom!’’ and went downstairs. Mom looked happy to see me. She just got back from visiting family in Canada. She gave me a big hug, and then my dad walked in just as excited to see me. It's been a week since I’ve seen them. It was nice to see them happy again. I didn't see them happy very often. We didn't have a lot of money so my parents were always working and tired after putting in long hours. The reason they went to Canada was to see

  • Personal Narrative Essay: She Is The Love Of My Life

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    Warren She was the love of my life and she was whisked away from me like candy before dinner. Mary and I had arrived at the airport and unlocked our car. It was late night in Long Island, New York and the parking lot was practically empty. We started driving home from our honeymoon in the beautiful Bahamas. I had nodded off on the plane and was my brain felt as if it was clogged with molasses. I had married Mary a few months ago and we were both from fairly rich families. We owned a luxurious apartment

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Experience With A Sea Empire

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    this first month in romania is an all squad month, which means that 33 teenagers, 6 leaders, and myself are living together in one household. yeah somewhat overwhelming. and to no surprise god has been teaching me some lessons through daily life with my many roommates. the main one (and my least favorite) being patience; something that the lord made loud and clear when i had a little incident with a sea creature. first though, let’s discuss the mission house, it can get a little chaotic here. each

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Aspects Of Cannoning In The Red River

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    During the past few summers my sister Faith and I like to get a group of our friends together and go cannoning in the red river in Adams Tennessee. We love how peaceful is it getting out in a rural area where there are miles and miles of cornfields and no loud noises of vehicles and people. In Adams The river is near the bell witch cave, which we always joke about our car breaking down and the bell witch coming to haunt us. My mom used to joke about the children of the corn coming to get us, although

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Dangers Of Smoking In My Life

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    I go jogging by 5; am it’s a recent thing I started one week after riving Geneva, As the day begins to break, and my flatmate still in bed, I sneak out, this is the only opportunity I have to myself to think clearly and have a smoke. I’m not a smoker I don’t think I even know how to smoke. I do it to feel like a rebel it’s my life and I can do whatever I want now. As I begin to run taking the usual path, I think to myself freedom feels great, enjoy this while it lasts. I stopped to take a deep

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Life On A Slave's Life

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    I live on a sailboat with my mother and father, and for a time, my older brother. He returned to the USA to work and go to college just before his 18th birthday. I love him dearly, but I was thrilled he left. I immediately moved into his larger bunk and told him not to let the hatch cover hit him in the head on his way out. However, my smile quickly faded when my father reminded me that I was the only child left to wash the dishes. Sailing around the world with my family has its pros and cons. A

  • Personal Narrative Essay: How I Changed My Life

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    I’ve never revealed this story to my friends. I was afraid of how my reputation could have been impacted if they had known the conflict I dealt with. Typically, they’d joke around calling me “emotionless” and, saying I have never had to fight with myself because of this. Even today I can still be quite shy and reserved. However, thinking back to the memory that still shrouds my mind every once and a while, I still wonder what would have happened if I had chosen another path. Almost seven years previously