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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Solution To Happiness

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    I tumble into my room, my legs go numb, and I fall onto the floor. I think to myself, this will get rid of the endless thoughts of being not smart enough, pretty enough, nice enough. But as I lie there on the ground, I realized although my body is numb and I honestly can’t even tell where my arms and legs are, I’m still stuck with my thoughts. I realized at that point, the most numb I’ve ever felt, it still didn’t help me feel happy. The drugs, the alcohol, the constant pushing down my feelings into

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Story Of An Ordinary Day

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    Stranded It was an ordinary day, nothing out of the ordinary, my friend Trenton and I going to go snowboarding like we normally do most weekends during the winter. I was running late I got out of bed and took a shower and got dressed. I scrambled to get some breakfast as I texted Trenton asking if he was ready. I grabbed my snowboard gear and headed into town. I picked up Trenton and he instantly starts bickering at me asking why I was late. Like usual I shrugged it off. We stopped by the gas

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Wedding Day

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    It was a beautiful Sunday morning on 23rd July 2017. There was warmth in the air and the view was wonderful. From high up on the balcony of the Lodge on Loch Lomond I could see islands framing the loch, varying in size and colour. The sky was clear with only a few clouds floating around like fluffy white marshmallows. Furthermore, the sounds of waves crashing on the shore complemented the idyllic location where the ceremony would soon begin. 23rd July, my wedding day, was a day that I had dreamt

  • Personal Narrative Essay: What Is Not My Day?

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    I hear my mom scream “come on we have to go otherwIse we will be late” “I am coming” I say with an annoyed voice as I finish stuffing my sweatshirts into my bag. I grab the zipper start to close my bag as I get ¼ of the way through it gets stuck, i keep trying to close my bag, “come on” I whisper to myself. I am thinking to myself today is not my day, I finally do a big tug and my zipper finally starts going but really smoothly for some reason. I walk past my bed, and dresser, im kicking all the

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Day After Christmas

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    The next few days were a series of arguments, screams, walk-outs, warm kisses, hugs, and love. For the most part when these occur, I was simply sketching and Toby was perched up by my side. He always liked watching me draw. And because everyone else was too busy either arguing or eating, no one had to command me to get up my ass and help. A day just before Christmas was when we finished decorating the house—it was also when we realized we haven’t done any Christmas shopping yet. So, like the Flash

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Story Of Stefania's Life

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    Saving someone other than yourself in a terrible situation is not something everyone thinks about doing, but in this case Stefania not only saved herself but 13 others, and they all lived. Stefania didn’t plan to save all those people it was more a spur of the moment thing, and not only did she help them by getting them food she saved every last one of them plus they all lived to see more days. In life a lot of things go unnoticed, the courage and unselfishness of her mind at that time should not

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving Back To Mexico

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    As we grow up we start losing the eagerness to make new discoveries, take chances, and learn new things, we try to avoid getting out of our comfort zone as much as we can. I personally believe that sometimes the things we don’t really expect to happen can become beautiful memories. I was just seven years old when I got some unexpected news that would give my life an exciting turn… I was born in Mexico City but at the age of three, I moved to Cancun. I was raised in a family where the bible is something

  • Personal Narrative Essay: She's My Superwoman

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    She’s my Superwoman The loud high pitched beeping goes off at 4:30 every morning Monday through Friday and never is never silent from sickness; thirteen hundred kids are relying on her. In 15 minutes, she showers, brushes her teeth, puts her hair up, and is out the door. She doesn’t wear, or need, makeup and the curling iron maybe turns on twice a year. Her skin is soft and porous, but you’d never guess she’s 44. She comes in my room every morning, gently places her hand on me while I sleep and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Challenges Of My Life

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    Trying to fit and be “normal” seems to be almost impossible. We all have different shapes, sizes, and personalities as well as having different stories, challenges, and backgrounds but one way or another we all manage to make it thought. Usually when we try and do something the challenges that come with it sometimes bring us down but sometimes those challenges are what makes us stronger because they help us learn about what not to do next time. I have definitely been many instances in my life where

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A New Karate Kids

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    A New Karate Kid ¨Nothing worth having comes easy¨- Theodore Roosevelt. This quote along with many others have inspired me since I started karate nine years ago. When I was four I started karate and I was the only girl in my class which presented some struggles along the way. As I continued to grow I made friends with people who believed that I could earn a black belt. The support of my friends and my family helped me have the drive to keep working. Imagine it, a small room with blue and red mats