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  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    I couldn't sleep last night again because of the whole situation with Colby and Felicity. I also did something stupid last night I was about to become my old self. I've never thought that I would become my old self again. My old self was very dark and suicidal. And also my old self did a lot of self harming and went though depression. So what I did was I look into the mirror and saw my old self. My old self wanted to find my pocket knife and so I went though my stuff to find it. I found it and look

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    7:00 PM and closing time. The bitter smell of sanitizing wipes permeated the clinic as the doctor and nurse were getting ready to leave. Trash was emptied and the “long-awaited” weekend was just moments away. Yet, an unexpected visit was about to change the course of events that night. A short man in his fifties, with rough hands and curly grey hair walked into the clinic. His name was Alberto, a pyrotechnician who had rushed over from work after suffering from an adverse reaction to medication.

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience

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    Even as I came back to the real you (you were more awkward and distant than I had imagined in the dream) and like last year, you once again overwhelmed me with commitments and essays and tests, the idea never ceased manifesting itself in my mind. Thus, when I saw an opportunity to make the dream a reality by signing up for a winter art FSA, I didn’t hesitate to seize it. I typed on my application: “The purpose of my winter art

  • Personal Narrative Essay On The Crucible

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    It has been a couple days since I sent Abigail the letter and yet I still have not gone to meet with her. I can not bring myself to look at her and talk to her face to face. I am confused and do not know how to approach her. I do not want to be like the others and fall into her trap. I also don't want Elizabeth dying because of me so I plan on going tonight to her window to talk to her and convince her to stop this madness. Last night I went to meet Abigail. I walked over to her home with a lantern

  • Basketball Personal Narrative Essay

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    Jacob Raines Miss Peel 8th grade Language Arts 22 September 2015 Basketball Personal Narrative Basketball has been my life since I was first introduced to it when I four by my dad. When I started playing, I instantly loved the sport. My dad saw that I liked the sport a lot so he took me to play a lot more often and he also helped me practice. Once I started going every day I started getting better and my love for the game got stronger. Nowadays, I practice every single day hoping

  • 'A Personal Narrative Essay On Halloween'

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    The piercing hot shower water hits the back of Marion Crane as she winds down from a day at the motel. She turns towards the shower head and scrubs her hair, little does she know there is a shadowy figure creeping up behind her. Then before we know it the shower curtain rips open, and “Norma Bates” begins slashing at Marion. Marion cripples to the bloody shower floor and takes one last look at her killer before she leaves the dimly lit bathroom. Personally, I have always been a fan of horror movies

  • Personal Narrative Essay: My Personal Experience With Fishing

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    I’m going to write about my personal experience with fishing. My first time fishing was a fun one, I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t know what a hook was from a weight. I had no idea how to even cast a pole. But now I have a personal record for myself with a 6lb 5oz Largemouth Bass. Now…well I wouldn’t say I know everything about fishing but I know a good amount. And it took a lot of practice to learn some things. But, now after watching probably 100 YouTube videos

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Journey To The World

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    The sun shines strangely down here in the forest, nothing but pines and evergreens stand in front of me as beams of sunlight shine though the canopy of this forest. I’m limited to where I go by the convenient sounds of birds singing as I walk through the unsteady land in search of adventure; some of the mounds are solid ground, others are just clusters of moss. I could have taken the road that cuts through the centre of this forest, but I don’t like the easy way. Either way, I’ve been here for two

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Night On Halloween

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    One night on halloween there was a teenage girl her name was emma and emma's mom and dad wanted her to go trick or treating with the whole family but emma said no. So her parents left her home alone and they went trick or treating so they left and she started to hear weird noises downstairs so emma decided to go down stairs. To see if there was anything down there so she went and peeked down the stairs and saw this creepy shadow and so then she quietly walked back upstairs. And locked herself in

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Moving To Minnesota

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    I remember a tiny bit of my childhood. I remember eating baby food. I remember playing with my toys with my brother and sister. I remember getting in trouble for silly things that I did. The thing I remember most is the transition my life took when we decided to move to Minnesota. Moving to Minnesota when I was a little boy was the most confusing thing ever. The friends I made, the new weather, and all of the other people I have met have made my childhood the best in the world. I don’t remember