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As I child, I was exposed to two main principals, ahimsa and satya, which mean nonviolence and truth. Ahimsa includes the idea of non-violence towards animals, which is similar to another Indian faith, Jainism. Jains believe that their commitment towards non-violence of all creatures is based on the idea that all species should have the right to exist equally, including animals. My mom was very interested in Jainism, and therefore introduced me to the idea that non-violence can lead to equality. In my early teen I was very defiant, doing things such as drinking, stealing, and even eating meat. However, from an early age I was always taught the importance of telling the truth. Therefore, I always owned up to my defiance and always told the truth to my father. (Early Years) As I grew older,…show more content…
Before I left, I vowed to my mother that I would not touch wine, women, or meat. Afterwards, my mother gave me permission to travel. As I arrived in England, I intended on keeping my Mother’s promises, however I found that they would be much harder to keep than expected. The idea of vegetarianism in London during that time was very rare, which made it hard for me to find food that fit my dietary requirements. Eventually, I was able to find some restaurants fitting my dietary requirements. In these restaurants there were political reformers in London that saw vegetarianism as a key to reforming the human nature. They saw eating meat as the way that ideas of violence and aggression form within humans. Therefore, they believed that if everyone started to stop eating meat there would be a much more gentle society. (Early Years) When I first arrived in London, I practiced vegetarianism simply to keep my mother’s promise. However, as time went on, I saw a deeper meaning and new perspective to my vegetarianism. London caused me to finally realize the importance of vegetarianism and non-violence within my own

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