Personal Narrative Essay: A Solution To Happiness

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I tumble into my room, my legs go numb, and I fall onto the floor. I think to myself, this will get rid of the endless thoughts of being not smart enough, pretty enough, nice enough. But as I lie there on the ground, I realized although my body is numb and I honestly can’t even tell where my arms and legs are, I’m still stuck with my thoughts. I realized at that point, the most numb I’ve ever felt, it still didn’t help me feel happy. The drugs, the alcohol, the constant pushing down my feelings into a dark place, that was not a solution to happiness. Happiness had to come within myself, and only myself. I could not depend on drugs or people to make me happy, I controlled my happiness. The road for that was long, but it is because of those bad times and decisions, I can appreciate the good ones, and the person I am today.…show more content…
At first, I had only done it here and there sort of a “social smoker” if you will, then the constant need to feel high grew. Every night, I’d come home and get high, whether it was alone or with people didn’t matter anymore. After many nights of that, what now feels like a blurred part of my life and it’s hard to remember any notable events happening, I wanted to try something else. Something that could get me out of my head and into a place where no matter what anyone said it didn’t hurt me. I had been hurting so much and I was hungry, starving, for a state of

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