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  • Quiz: Sociology

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    1. Define the following; provide an example of each: (3 points – ½ point for definition, ½ point for example) a. Misogyny is the prejudiced against woman or the prejudiced against femininity. An example of misogyny is individuals making jokes of rape, violence, or abuse towards woman. b. Patriarchy is the system and ideology that support the dominance of men and the oppression of women on all levels of society. An example of patriarchy is that a woman's career comes second to a man's career. Women

  • Symbolic Interactionism Sociology

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    James Deutsch Sociology Q1) Answer, symbolic interactionism Pg.204 Def.- Idea that symbols things to which we attach meaning are the key to understanding how we view the world and communicate with one another. We see symbols everyday and we think that some are cool and others not so cool. There are many things that have symbols in them like video games, books, religion, and life. Like in assassins creed we all recognize that symbol it has become very popular. There are some symbols we see and instantly

  • Gender Roles In Sociology

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    References Brezina, T. (2000). Are deviants different from the rest of us? Using student accounts of academic cheating to explore a popular myth. Teaching Sociology, 281(1), 71. Retrieved March 20, 2018, from This academic journal provides information on the act of deviance behavior. It explores many different theories about why deviant behaviors occur through the views of sociologist

  • Sociology Midterm Exam

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    Influenced by positivist philosopher Comte, as well as Spencer, both of these scholars believed that human society followed laws, just like the natural laws of physics or biology that could be discovered by empirical observation and testing (p:74). Sociology would have no subject matter exclusively its own, and its domain would be confused with that of biology and psychology (Durkheim: 78). Durkheim tried

  • Social Constructionism Sociology

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    Some scholars state that social problems are socially constructed by arguing they are defined by society, taking the social constructionist approach. Other scholars define the emergence of social problems through an objective approach, arguing that social problems arise in accordance to whether it is harmful to a large number of people. These two contrasting views provide us with some understanding as to how social problems are seen to emerge. This essay explores the meaning and usefulness of social

  • Sex Talk Sociology

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    In today’s modern society, children often grow up being taught to practice the religion that their parents practice. While growing up, children are not exposed to different types of religion; therefore, they are unable to identify themselves with beliefs that they choose or fits them the most. Instead, these individuals are being forced to adopt the religion of their parents, and they blindly accept it. As a result, most children do not go out and explore all the different religion options there

  • Ethnographic Study In Sociology

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    Introduction According to Wikipedia, “Ethnography is the systematic study of people and cultures” (Wikipedia 2015). Ethnographers look for patterns within cultural groups to understand and find meaning within social relationships. This involves extensive research and time, but shorter case studies of a centralized group can be conducted to create hypotheses to be further explored. Ovando and Combs describe culture as a dynamic, creative, and continuous process, which includes behaviors, values,

  • Figueroa's Framework Of Sports Sociology

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    Sociology of sports, also referred to as sports sociology, is the study of the relationship between sports and society. It examines how culture and values influence sports, how sports influences culture and values, and the relationship between sports and media, politics, economics, religion, race, gender, youth, etc. An example of a typical “Australian” sport that is recognised in society would be rugby, or AFL. It has been displayed as a typical Australian sport because of our culture and the media

  • Window Breaking Sociology

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    Brooke Salisbury Final Exam q1. Based on what we have discussed in class, as well as theory, crime does not occur randomly across neighborhoods, street segments, or places. According to Wilson and Kelling, at the community level, disorder and crime are usually inextricably linked, in a kind of developmental sequence. Social psychologists and police officers tend to agree that if a window in a building is broken and is left unrepaired; all the rest of the windows will soon be broken. This is as true

  • Theoretical Perspectives Of Sociology And Macro Lens

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    perspectives in Sociology (Henslin), and these perspectives look at society through one of two lenses the first is a micro lens and the second a macro lens. The micro lens looks at all the small things that happen in a society or community, micro focuses on the individual’s part of a whole. The macro lens looks at the “big picture” so to speak, macro looks at how society or a community functions as a whole as appose to its single parts. Both lenses are crucial to the field of sociology. The first theoretical