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  • Personal Narrative Essay: Perception Is Reality

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    Perception is Reality It was a normal day at the office for the doctor in the chair. Except it wasn’t. A heavy thought hung there on his mind, a damp coat on the clothesline. The wheezing, uncontrollable coughs that had racked his daughter’s body, sapping the energy out of her, until she couldn’t even gasp another breath. Fluorescent lights that penetrated sickly green light into his skull, the smell of linoleum filling his nose. And then, after the man in the white coat had warned the man of the

  • Personal Narrative: My Essay To College

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    Ever since I was a little girl I have been outgoing and high school has let me express myself in a way I did not know I could. I joined the cheer team my freshman year and sadly I am not on the team this year. I also joined the swim team and it has honestly been the best decision I have made. I have learned a lot from both teams but what I love the most is giving back to my community and I was able to do that these last few years with the International Order of the Rainbow for Girls. If it was not

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Beauty Of A Dog

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    When I got home I looked in the mirror unable to recognize the girl standing in front of me, she was too pretty, too perfect. She wasn’t me. I wore old ripped tattered jeans and worn out shoes and old hand-me-down shirts and a high ponytail because I was too lazy to do my hair in the morning, this girl was wearing pretty pink skirt, a bright white shirt, and heels that ached her feet, her hair was done in tight curls that were just like my friend Jane’s and her makeup, I couldn’t tell if it was

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Dangers Of The Winter

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    Ever since I was little, I had always been warned about the dangers of the cold. Whenever winter had come rolling around, I was bundled from head to toe with layers of warm clothing. Since I was always covered with bright, neon fabrics, I felt invincible to the cold. Everytime I stood outside at my bus stop in the icy month of February, I felt nothing, believing it was all my doing. In reality, I felt nothing because of my parent’s careful practices and warnings. The icy touch of the winds would

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Lost In The Woods

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    Lost in the Woods The spring of 2010 had been difficult for my entire family, especially for my mom. What with everything changing so quickly and so dramatically, it was understandable that she had been itching to get away from the house. That’s also why it didn’t come as a surprise when my mom announced that we would be going somewhere for spring break. I was surprised, however, when she said we’d be going out of state to Ohio, and without the boys. Grace, my sister who was two years older than

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Emma's Nightmare

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    “What are you doing?! Stop that Emma!” said I, suffering from nightmare. When I called Emma, she never replied to my words in the dream and in a moment, she took off her necklace, and threw it towards the Mountain Dragon. If Emma was an ORDINARY person, then there would’ve been no problem; the thing is that Emma would die within three days if she takes out her necklace. Panicking, I woke up. Phew, good that it was just a dream… it would have been so frustrating if it was real. …!? With worry and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Rocket Launch

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    I was, am always interested in technology. One day, in Florida, I got to see it in action. I'm not talking about an IPhone, we saw a rocket launch. It was a warm summers day at coach beach (only a few miles form Cape Conaveral). The launch was delayed a few day due to weather, because of that we stayed a day later than anticipated, just to see the launch. A man beside us had a radio and it was tuned to the launch count down. "T minus 10..." My heart was acking with anticipation "9..." Talking around

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of The Dog

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    "Good boy, Sparky," I said happily as I thought about eating Thanksgiving dinner and galloped around the ring on the beautiful, white and brown pony. It was raining, and the horse’s hooves made a squishing sound in the mud. Sparky whisked me around the ring, and came to an abrupt stop. I was excited to get out of the rain and let my cousins, William and Bradley, and sister, Caroline, take a turn on Sparky. As Sparky skipped up to the barn, I slowly slid off, putting my left then right foot on the

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Origin Of The Tree

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    It's summer. The feeling of heat and hotness is in the atmosphere. The sun's giving it all, as you can feel the sweat running down, from your forehead to cheek. Or your entire body in general. It's that time of the year, where you wish, that it's winter again. You won't believe it, but.. There is a gorgeous looking, breathtaking, exquisite viewing, stunning, radiant and appealing, young, large tree. The tree's winsome green, nostalgic leaves are glamorous and glorious looking. It's as if you want

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day At The Beach

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    I lock up my vintage bike to the bike racks where two other bikes stand. Jax pulls on his leash as we start walking down the windy track towards the beach. The wooden planks that once made the path are now covered in heaps of sand that let only small parts of the planks stick out. The smell of the salty water travels up my nose as we near the end of the track. We reach the end of the track and as we step out from the safety of the native trees and shrubs we are hit with a big gush of wind. The wind