Personal Narrative Essay: The Day Of A Horse

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I woke up to the sound of my mother calling my name and shaking my shoulder. Quietly she whispered, “Would you like to help grandpa move the cows this morning?” I nodded my head and quickly changed out of my pajamas into jeans. I made sure to hurry because my grandpa is a very impatient man. Sheepishly, I headed out the door into the brisk morning air. Everyone was ready to go on either fourwheelers or the back of my grandpa’s truck. Personally, I loved sitting on the edge of the truck even though my mom would loudly holler at me to move into the middle. We headed over to the barn where the horses were at. I was as excited as a little girl could possibly be on the morning of Christmas to be able to ride a horse and move cattle. For some people it may not be as appealing, but to me it meant the world. My grandpa and I mounted the horses while my brothers rode the fourwheelers. We galloped for about a mile until we reached the tedious cows that were lounging about. My brother, trying to be the show off he is, ended up hitting a risor head with the fourwheeler. Immediately, the risor head shot into the sky like a rocket and created a huge waterfall. He also scattered a plethora of the cattle all around the grassy field in the process. My grandpa was furious, but worked…show more content…
Calmly and wisely, he told me to climb back onto the horse and ride to where the others were at. I gave him an incredulous look. He wanted me to climb back onto the horse? I nearly died riding it! However, I wouldn’t dare argue with my grandpa so once again I mounted the horse. He tied a lead rope to his horse and we gently made the trek back to the others. My heart was pounding and my whole body was trembling to be riding the horse again. My stomach felt sick from being so edgy. All I wanted to do was get off the unrestrainable horse. When we got there my grandpa assisted me off and I ran to my mom. I began to cry in her arms from the

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