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  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Personal Experience

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    Even as I came back to the real you (you were more awkward and distant than I had imagined in the dream) and like last year, you once again overwhelmed me with commitments and essays and tests, the idea never ceased manifesting itself in my mind. Thus, when I saw an opportunity to make the dream a reality by signing up for a winter art FSA, I didn’t hesitate to seize it. I typed on my application: “The purpose of my winter art

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Emma's Nightmare

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    “What are you doing?! Stop that Emma!” said I, suffering from nightmare. When I called Emma, she never replied to my words in the dream and in a moment, she took off her necklace, and threw it towards the Mountain Dragon. If Emma was an ORDINARY person, then there would’ve been no problem; the thing is that Emma would die within three days if she takes out her necklace. Panicking, I woke up. Phew, good that it was just a dream… it would have been so frustrating if it was real. …!? With worry and

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Dangers Of The Winter

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    Ever since I was little, I had always been warned about the dangers of the cold. Whenever winter had come rolling around, I was bundled from head to toe with layers of warm clothing. Since I was always covered with bright, neon fabrics, I felt invincible to the cold. Everytime I stood outside at my bus stop in the icy month of February, I felt nothing, believing it was all my doing. In reality, I felt nothing because of my parent’s careful practices and warnings. The icy touch of the winds would

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Lost In The Woods

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    Lost in the Woods The spring of 2010 had been difficult for my entire family, especially for my mom. What with everything changing so quickly and so dramatically, it was understandable that she had been itching to get away from the house. That’s also why it didn’t come as a surprise when my mom announced that we would be going somewhere for spring break. I was surprised, however, when she said we’d be going out of state to Ohio, and without the boys. Grace, my sister who was two years older than

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Talking To The Family

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    My alarm clock went off at 6:00 as usual. I jumped out of bed hoping to hear a ´Happy Birthday´ but all i heard was clashing pans, and running water. I looked around around at my boring empty room in despair, then decide to face my fear and talk to my family. Most people love talking to their family, i find it exhausting, considering its mostly them barking orders and me listening. When I walked out the door, i started to smell eggs. It was my 16th birthday, and i thought for oce someone did

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Adventure Of The Day

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    It was a fairly normal December morning. Little did I know I was about to go on a great adventure that demonstrated just how much i was willing to do for dumb crap. I woke up on the 15th expecting normal activity out of the day. I went down stairs and fried two eggs over hard I sit down in the office room of my house and begin eating. I turn on the tv to find that the channel the tv was on was tuned in to some less than desirable programing. I rolled my eyes as I faintly tried to ponder why people

  • Personal Narrative Essay: A Journey To The Bridge

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    Taking my first step onto the bridge I could feel the moisture, the water in the air that sprinkled onto my face from the water below. Taking a step or two more I began to fill with joy. Getting more excited I run to the middle of the bridge to the railing bouncing in happyness of what I was seeing. The water going full steam ahead running right off the cliff to the ground below making a roaring train steam engine noise. Once Krista and Brian finally pried me off the bridge we moved forward following

  • Personal Narrative Essay: An Unexpected Friend

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    An Unexpected Friend A few years ago, Andi was given an opportunity to continue her commitment of trying to help others wherever she went. A girl she knew from high school named Krispy was in a predicament. Andi felt privileged to be able to provide the assistance she needed. Andi had always been a person to “pay it forward”; her decision to do that not only affected a person she helped, but also herself later down the road. Krispy had to work out of town for the weekend and was unable to bring

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Day At The Beach

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    I lock up my vintage bike to the bike racks where two other bikes stand. Jax pulls on his leash as we start walking down the windy track towards the beach. The wooden planks that once made the path are now covered in heaps of sand that let only small parts of the planks stick out. The smell of the salty water travels up my nose as we near the end of the track. We reach the end of the track and as we step out from the safety of the native trees and shrubs we are hit with a big gush of wind. The wind

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Tree Of A Tree

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    There was a tree that I always went to. It was away from everything, past a little cemetery in the forest. It gave me time to think, to reflect, and to get away from all of my problems. The only issue, is that my mom had rules. I had to tell her when I was going and it had to be light out. She says she worries too much as it is. Her rules weren't always ideal, but I followed them nonetheless. It was a gloomy Saturday when I had gotten into a fight with my mom. One of those arguments that doesn’t