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  • Personal Narrative: A Personal Essay

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    You probably took a glance at the title and assumed that this will be one of the worst personal essays known to man. You probably think that all I’m going to do is tell you who I am, my personal interest, and why I desire to go to college. Well I’m sorry to excite you, but I can’t tell you those things; simply because I do not know those things myself. Now let me explain. All my life I did not know what I wanted to be or who I wanted to be. I attempted to start my own path in life and failed dramatically

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    I awoke to the sound of the baby monitor crackling with a voice comforting my first born child. As I adjusted to a new position, my arm brushed against my wife, sleeping next to me. I sat up listening intently to the monitor. I go a sinking feeling in my stomach. Before I did anything I tried to make out who it was. I didn’t want to do anything I would regret. The voice didn’t sound familiar to me. Immediately I get out of bed and go to my baby. As I’m walking towards her nursery, the women’s voice

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    Name: Keshab Dhimal Instructor: J. Troncale Course: ENL 211 Date: 10/02/2015 Narrative Essay A famous quote says, ‘”Everything is hard before it becomes easy”. I believe this is true because learning something new is not always an easy task. When I was in middle school in my country, Nepal, one of the most difficult tasks I had ever done in my life was learn how to swim. I thought swimming was one of the important forms of exercise to help me to remain physically fit; however, I was always scared

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    I was as nervous as a mouse in a room full of cats while I was heading to lunch because I had figured out that while I was cleaning out my binder I left my math homework on my kitchen table. I procrastinated all night trying not to do it. So I ended up staying up till 2 a.m. trying to finish it. I knew my teacher wouldn’t be happy if I turned the assignment in late. I had to come up with a solution fast because right after lunch was math. As soon as I got to the lunchroom I went through the lunch

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    When I was in fourth grade I became really close to my grandpa. He would teach me life skills and how to be just an all around good person. In the summer after fourth grade I would ride my bike to his house every day just to see him and to learn more. We would go fishing and he would teach me how to catch a fish gut it and clean it for dinner. We would keep them in the freezer and wait till we had enough for the whole family at Sunday dinner. It wasn't very often that we had it for dinner I think

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    I couldn't sleep last night again because of the whole situation with Colby and Felicity. I also did something stupid last night I was about to become my old self. I've never thought that I would become my old self again. My old self was very dark and suicidal. And also my old self did a lot of self harming and went though depression. So what I did was I look into the mirror and saw my old self. My old self wanted to find my pocket knife and so I went though my stuff to find it. I found it and look

  • Personal Narrative Essay

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    He wanted us to exceed our personal best. Although, I didn’t realize it at that time he was just trying to help. I remember one day I was just sitting on the wooden floor of the gym not doing a thing. Coach Sasser started telling me to run laps around the gym. I stood up rolled my

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    Someone on Tumblr posted about when they played a practical joke on their parents who went on vacation, without their knowing they moved all the furniture in their house one inch to the left. When their parents returned, they spent a few days stumbling around walking and bumping into everything. Returning to Bushwick to live with my mother’s side of the family was a bit like that. Not only had the neighborhood changed, but the ease of just coming home was gone because everything that was normal,

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    As the plane crept closer ever closer to the ground, the struggle shifted from maintaining speed at the cost of altitude to maintaining altitude at the cost of speed. “500, TOO LOW GEAR. 500, TOO LOW GEAR,” the radio altimeter chimed out in monotone, warning of an incorrect landing configuration. In a normal emergency landing, Johnson would’ve deployed the landing gear, but with the aircraft juking towards the left on account of the failed engine, the risk of the gear impacting and rolling the plane

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    Waking up to the sunlight streaming through the raggedy curtains, Evelyn pried her sleep deprived eyes open and stumbled into the nearest bathroom she could find. Splashing cold water onto her face, she looked at the mirror startled to see the unrecognizable figure that looked back at her. Ugh, she thought, so this is what twenty four hours on a plane does to you. Her long brown hair was sticking out in every direction; with clumps of knots threatening to consume any comb that would dare to brush