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  • Infusion Pumps Case Study

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    Intravenous (IV) infusion pumps are commonly used in healthcare settings to deliver medications, fluids, and nutrients to patients at controlled rates. Approximately 90 percent of hospitalized patients receive an IV infusion as part of their medical treatment (Husch et al., 2005). The use of computerized smart pump technology in hospitals has increased from approximately 33% in 2005 to almost 50% in 2009 (Brady, 2010). In recent years, smart infusion pumps have gradually become more sophisticated

  • Case Study On Fertility Nurse

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    Table 2 ACTIVITY Observe Work under supervision Work without supervision Competent to teach others. Conducting enquiries 5 5 5 Treatment scheduling 5 5 5 Cervical smear collection 2 2 1 Assist in Hysteroscopy 5 10 10 In the second table above, the certified fertility nurse is also trained and tested on 4 items as could be seen. She also observed the handling of clinical procedures, worked under supervision and worked without supervision, after which she was asked to perform the tasks under supervision

  • Why I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

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    I chose to go into the field of nursing after participating in nursing oriented classes at high school. In these classes I was able to receive hands-on experience caring for patients in a nursing home. I felt as if I was able to make a difference in patient's lives by being able to connect with them in a way that is only possible by being their nurse. Originally I found interest in the healthcare field after having speech therapy as a young child. I wanted to go into speech pathology when I first

  • The Pros And Cons Of Peer Pressure

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    parents and kids. Every citizen has their own way on how to handle this problem that arise but whatever they’re doing is what they think the best for them and the people the love and care. In my opinion, I think it is ethical to put our parents in a nursing homes or old folks home if no one could take a look at them during working

  • Examples Of Hospital Based Learning

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    complex and dynamic (Burke & Menachemi, 2004) but this innovation and change process in hospitals is affected by learning strategies and competencies of employees. (Jaana, Ward, Pare & Sicotte, 2006) International council of nurses describes nursing as an autonomous and collaborative care of individuals by prevention of illness, facilitation of healing, protection, promotion and optimization of health and abilities. Not only treating patients, helping doctors diagnosing patients and paperwork

  • Nursing Documentation In Nursing

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    The purpose of this study is to identify the completeness of nursing documentation of data collected on patient history and nursing assessment during the first 24 hours of admission. These results consent identifying the efficacy of nursing records to convey information about care delivery to patients and problems, granting the team at this teaching hospital knowledge on all events. To live up to the expectations of the general public, nurses are expected to fully comprehend the duties associated

  • Nursing Diagnosis In Nursing

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    Nursing Diagnosis (at least 2) Planning (outcome/goal) Measurable goal during your shift (at least 1 per Nursing diagnosis) Prioritized Independent and collaborative nursing interventions; include further assessment, intervention and teaching (at least 4 per goal) Rationale (use APA citations) Evaluation Goal Met, Partially met, or not Met and Explanation Change in normal bowel habits related to loss of rectal sphincter control secondary to cerebrovascular accident as evidence by patient unable

  • Reflection Paper On Spirituality

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    Previously, I have defined spirituality as having a connection or intimacy with the world, both in it and beyond it, past just the physical or material dimension. I also believe that this awareness of something other or greater than ourselves, influences our decisions and the way we live our lives. Sometimes, these moments of understanding and clarity come at a time when we are most confused and questioning decisions we have made about our careers, relationships, or finances. Occasionally, this understanding

  • Essay On Becoming A Nurse Practitioner

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    Nursing hasn’t always been the first option for me but reality made it my option, I was cut out to be a doctor from the start because I was always inspired to be in the health fields. Along the line, I had the opportunity to have nursing education during which I saw a nurse perform deliveries without the doctor. This really changed my mindset and made me see nursing from a different perspective. I saw it as a professional course that had so many skills making it unique to other professional programs

  • Hip Fracture Case Study

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    fractures occur a year as reported by the National Joint Registry. This case study is of an elderly patient who has undergone left hemi-arthroplasty due to an intracapsular hip fracture following a fall. The Roper, Logan and Tierney (RLT) model for nursing, in addition to the Airway, Breathing, Circulation, Disability, Exposure (ABCDE) approach and other assessment tools like the AVPU scale, NEWS and MUST is applied in this study for a systematic assessment and plan of care………………………….. PATHOPHYSIOLOGY