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  • Strategies To Address Nursing Shortage

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    autonomy and establish special rules for smaller hospitals. The major issue that will be addressed in this plan is the nursing shortage Strategies to Address the Issues and Establish an Action Plan Several strategies are recommended to address the issue of nursing shortage that affect H.R. Bill 1602. Increase enrollment in nursing school by establishing no tuition for college for nursing students both Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Critical Thinking In Nursing Research

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    Hello Bibin, I agree with you in this paragraph, nursing students need critical thinking skills during clinic and hospital because nurses have to think deep and make decisions during the job. Critical thinking skills are very essential for nursing because nurses deal with patients and they should be careful about mistakes through work. Also, critical thinking makes nurses to make ideal care and great job for patients because critical thinking includes applying, synthesis, evaluation, and judgment

  • Acd Approach In Nursing

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    and physiology and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Also, knowledge and practice gaps identified in this study mean that nurse tutors need to emphasize extremely the assessment and observation of acutely ill patients to students during their basic nursing education, especially the importance of interpretation of their findings obtain from assessment and observation of

  • Forensic Nursing Research Paper

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    by recognizing and embracing competency and expertise in forensic nursing practice. Nurses are uniquely qualified to serve as a witness in the court and believing in your specialized expertise is an important first step. Clearly articulated scope and standards of practice have been developed through professional organizations including the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) and are the foundation for forensic nursing practice. The commitment to furthering education, experience, skills

  • Nursing Program Accreditation

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    It is amazing how many options there are out for accreditation. According to the Nursing Program Accreditation Resources (2011) accreditation has two levels: institution and program and further broken down into regional and national. There are six regional accrediting agencies that certify schools meeting specific standards (Nursing Program Accreditation Resources, 2011). National accrediting agencies focus on associations of schools with common themes. There are 52 of these agencies such as the

  • Nursing Informative Speech

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    My chosen topic for the informative speech is based off the experience and research I completed of nursing. It is easy to say that I am biased for the love of health care, but recently I have started becoming skeptical on my future career plans. Nursing is definitely what I would want to do with my life, but I recently found another career that I have for a backup plan in case nursing does not work out for me. First, I am going to worry myself sick the rest of my freshman year because I have to have

  • Lateral Violence In Nursing

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    Lateral Violence in Nursing Sarah Amos Central Texas College Lateral Violence in Nursing Bullying, workplace incivility, lateral violence, horizontal violence, horizontal abuse, disruptive behavior, “nurses eating their young”, relational aggression…all different names used for one basic problem. A problem of workplace incivility that is growing at an alarming rate and currently hinders the professional nursing community. What are the contributing factors that increase the risk for this uncivil

  • Nursing Leadership Styles

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    Running head: LEADERSHIP STYLES Leadership Styles Melissa Anderson Central Texas College   LEADERSHIP STYLES There are many different types of leadership styles in nursing. These different styles can affect not only the employees working under the leader, but also patient care. According to Contemporary Nursing, there are three types of management styles: authoritative, participative, and laissez-faire (p. 291). The authoritative style is by far the most strict leadership style.

  • Nursing Ethical Dilemmas

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    available to nursing supervisors to aid in resolution of ethical issues or dilemmas regarding this scenario. My role as a supervisor, I would have asked the physician questions regarding the order and his reasoning pertaining to the restraints. Evidence based practice does not support the use of restraints on a patient that is able to respond appropriately and able to reposition themselves in bed. Education to staff members should be supported by evidence based practice. Myself as the nursing supervisor

  • Nursing Supervisor Support Essay

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    of this study was to: Identify perceived nursing supervisor support and its relation to work engagement and turnover intention among staff nurses at Benha University Hospital through: 1. Assessing level of nursing supervisor support as perceived by staff nurses. 2. Assessing level of staff nurses' work engagement. 3. Assessing to what extent the staff nurses intent to leave their work. 4. Exploring the relationship among perceived nursing supervisor support, work engagement and turnover intention