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  • Nursing Concept Analysis Paper

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    Although there is no specific impact theory for nursing, the “social impact theory” is still useful for nursing practice. The social impact theory as explained by Aronson et al. (2007) states the social impact theory relates to the idea that integrating to social impact depends on the strength of the group’s importance, its relation

  • My Nursing Philosophy Essay

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    After getting acquainted with the whole concept of what the philosophy of nursing really is, I felt as if it is almost impossible to develop my own philosophy because I haven’t been immersed into the nursing practice and experienced a real taste of it as of yet. But never the less from my experience as a student nurse I can say that my philosophy is the one that characterized by holistic, empathetic and culturally sensitive care to all my patients. It is essential to me to be a patient

  • National Simulation Study In Nursing

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    I have chosen to answer both questions within this post. The publication of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN) National Simulation Study (Hayden, Smiley, Alexander, Kardong-Edgren, & Jeffries, 2014) clearly notes statistically significant efficacy for use of simulation within the nursing curriculum in the prelicensure student. The study provided a three year longitudinal follow with the research participants which provides a greater validity for the results. The study had some

  • Skilled Nursing Facility Analysis

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    To begin, a Skilled Nursing Facility, or SNF, is meant for people typically leaving the hospital who still require continuous medical care and therapy. Clients in a SNF do not require the intense level of care that is often given in a hospital. Qualified personal emphasize the client’s return to home by working on mobility, independence and working to return to everyday life, including continuing their occupational roles in a short-term care facility (Hofmann, 2015). In a long-term care or hospice

  • My Nursing Model Paper

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    My nursing model reflects the four nursing concepts. The train and rail road are example of the four nursing concepts. The engine represent health, conductor represent nursing, cars represent human, and rail track represent environment The philosophy of nursing is defined as the intellectual and affective outcomes of the professional nurse's efforts to: 1) understand the ultimate relationships between humans, their environment, and health 2) approach nursing as a scientific discipline 3) Integrate

  • Nursing Personal Statement Essay

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    To study Child nursing is my life’s ambition, I love a challenge and feel I work well under pressure. As a child myself I became a “Young Carer”, looking after my younger siblings, adopting a motherly role; Feeding, washing, changing and doing school runs, etc. This has given me an understanding of the basic care and needs of babies/children, and adolescents, which I can apply to my future nursing studies. Whilst studying Health and social care I learnt the importance of diversity and communication

  • Role Of Occupational Health Nursing

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    1-Define the occupational health nursing. 2-List the scope of occupational health nursing. 3- Describe work health interactions. 4-Identify the team of occupational health and safety programs. 5-Discus the role of community health nursing in occupational health. -Introduction: -No work is completely risk free and all health care professionals should have some basic knowledge about workforce populations, work and related hazards, and methods to control hazards and improve health

  • Scope Of Nursing Practice Essay

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    to their patients. It is important that they know what is in their scope of practice and what is not, there is so much that a Registered Nurse can do that it can be easy to forget what their scope of practice is and what is not in their scope. The Nursing Practice act is designed with the intent of making sure that the scope for Nurse’s is available and underlined so that there isn’t much of a question about it. The Nurse Practice Act states there are eleven different scopes that nurses can follow

  • Ethical Dilemmas In Nursing Practice

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    with ethical dilemmas in our nursing practice. Recently, a pregnant woman presented to our hospital from out of town. She was in labor and had no intention of taking the newborn home upon discharge. One of our physicians knew of a couple who had wanted to adopt for years. After obtaining consent from the laboring patient as well as the adoptive parents, he provided the laboring patient with the phone number of the couple’s attorney. I quickly notified the Nursing Director as well as our Social

  • Nursing Affiliations

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    Abstract The main purpose of this article is to analyze and inquire three professional nursing affiliations. The three professional affiliations that I selected for review are Oncology Nursing Society, Academy of Neonatal Nursing, and Emergency Nurses Association. The following aspects of the professional nursing affiliations are tackled in the article: 1) the description and the scope of the affiliations; 2) the mission and value of the affiliations; 3) the journal or email newsletter the organizations