Nursing Ethical Dilemmas

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Numerous valuable resources are available to nursing supervisors to aid in resolution of ethical issues or dilemmas regarding this scenario. My role as a supervisor, I would have asked the physician questions regarding the order and his reasoning pertaining to the restraints. Evidence based practice does not support the use of restraints on a patient that is able to respond appropriately and able to reposition themselves in bed. Education to staff members should be supported by evidence based practice. Myself as the nursing supervisor could educate staff members about pressure ulcers (prevention and treatment) and appropriate delegation from licensed staff to unlicensed staff. CNA’s should be educated to observe for indication of pressure ulcers…show more content…
The greatest ethical issue regarding this scenario is the dietary mistake. I, myself as the nursing supervisor, would never “brush off” a dietary error of any form. I would not never advise a staff nurse to “just keep it quiet” (WGU, 2015). The “just keep it quiet” is a huge ethical issue regarding not only dietary issues/mistakes but any mistakes/issues in medical or health care. As the nursing supervisor, I would have promptly addressed the dietary manager and figured out a solution to ensure patients are getting correct meals on their trays. A solution to avoid this error from happening could include the nurse checks trays with regards to the dietary slip prior to tray passing by the CNA, and errors are correct before any food is given to that patient. I as the nursing supervisor would have disclosed the mistake and apologized to the patient and daughter and guaranteed them that the dietary mistake would not occur again. I also would have a conversation with the nurse regarding the inappropriate comment regarding the dietary error. The physician’s knowledge of the issues for over 6 months is also an ethical issues and I as the nursing supervisor would discuss this issue, as to why this was

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