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  • Code Of Ethics And Ethical Issues In Nursing

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    With the innovation of technology comes the new era of how nursing is practiced. Hence, the likelihood of ethical and/or legal issues pertaining to nursing informatics (NI) and its practice. The code of ethics can help nurses to respect each patient’s beliefs and values (Duran & McNutt, 2010). Duran and McNutt (2010) stated that the code of ethics is the cornerstone for any profession which provides a social contract within which the society serves, as well as ethical and legal guidance to all

  • Importance Of Nursing Informatics

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    Abstract Information is the main to operative decision making and vital to excellence nursing practice. Considerably what nurses do encompasses information such as caring for patients and also having effective communication skills with patients, patient families and also other health care professionals. The goal of nursing informatics is to improve the health of populations, communities, families, and individuals by optimizing information, management and communication. This includes the use of information

  • Demonstrate High Levels Of Competency In Clinical Nursing Practice

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    and ability. Entry behaviors such as the students entering level two clinical skills should have knowledge of anatomy and physiology and a foundation of nursing practice in order for them to demonstrate high levels of competency in the execution of their clinical functions. Patients and their families will be expected to receive clinical nursing interventions from

  • Principles Of Epidemiology In Public Health Nursing

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    Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Nursing The public health nurse has a challenging undertaking when dealing with the health concerns of a community. These health concerns are multifocal in nature and include health promotion, management of chronic disease, along with assuring access to health care. Additionally, each community will change over time with the nurse needing to adapt and shift the health concern focus. Essentially, the nurse will need to know what the health concerns are in

  • Why Is Critical Thinking Important In Nursing

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    Critical thinking skills are necessary to the nursing profession because this profession is humanity and nurses deal with human. Nurses also should have experience and professional skills about this profession because nursing profession is one of the significant branches of science. Critical thinking comes from faculties through course whether in class or outside class. I believe critical thinking depends on the person because each person or student has special memory and thinking. If the student

  • Application To Nursing Practice: An Introduction To Clinical Practice

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    will make her gain new knowledge which she will relate to others .Previously midwifes uses wrapper for childbirth but recently things have changed they use incontinent sheath or Nightingale to take delivery which is much better. CURRENT RESEARCH: Nursing research builds a scientific foundation for clinical practice. Nurses need to intervene for their patient’s in other to improve their practice. According

  • Therapeutic Nursing Case Study

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    Communication with patients from different cultures is an everyday occurrence in my life as a bedside nurse. Anxiety related to hospitalization and the cultural differences can present many challenges for both the nurse and the patient. The patient population that I frequently care for are from India and Ghana. These are high context cultures. Establishing strategies to build trust and productive communication is necessary so I can provide the best care and experience for this patient group.

  • Examples Of Aspirations In Nursing

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    obtaining a Bachelor's Degree in Nursing. Growing up as the oldest of six children, I came to love the innocent and lively faces of the children born around me. All my life I grew up caring for

  • Quality And Safety Education For Nursing Reflection Paper

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    care to four patients. Additionally, the purpose of this paper is to explain and provide examples of how our patient care included the concepts of Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) competencies, delegation, hand off reporting, and a reflection of our clinical experience. Quality and Safety Education for Nursing (QSEN) Competencies To provide patient centered care, I had to educate the patient when administering medications about why the patient was taking the medication and side effects

  • Nursing Practice As Evidence-Based Errors In The Classroom

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    Professor and Class, This is how I grasp the concept of statistics from our lecture lesson, statistics results from studies that can be validated by the use of numbers; once it is factual then it is shared with people. This is then implemented in nursing practice as evidence- based (CCN, 2015). In our text Houser, (2015) claimed that back in the days, researchers relied on the use of two different groups to objectively prove importance. To prove their point standard error was used in the test to