Forensic Nursing Research Paper

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Serving as a Witness in the Court: Trials, Testimony and Truth I often hear forensic nurses say that one of the biggest fears in practice is being called to court to testify. Yet, forensic nurses have clearly described competencies, expertise and skills in multidimensional areas of practice that are highly recognized and sought after in the intersection with the law. Forensic nurses are well respected as experts in evidence collection and preservation, injury identification, interviewing, photo documentation, written medical legal record, chain of custody, psychological effects of trauma, among other areas of expertise. As a forensic nurse, have you stopped to reflect on all that you do know in this specialized area of practice? Criminal…show more content…
Fear in providing testimony can be reduced by having confidence in skills and abilities, and by recognizing and embracing competency and expertise in forensic nursing practice. Nurses are uniquely qualified to serve as a witness in the court and believing in your specialized expertise is an important first step. Clearly articulated scope and standards of practice have been developed through professional organizations including the International Association of Forensic Nurses (IAFN) and are the foundation for forensic nursing practice. The commitment to furthering education, experience, skills and abilities is increasingly recognized in forensic nurse leaders visible across the health care…show more content…
Build a reputation of high ethical standards, collaboration, and leadership. Credibility is enhanced through the development of competencies and expertise based on experience, high level knowledge attainment, and practice founded on established scope and standards of care (Phillips & Stark, 2013). Competence builds self-confidence (Kouzes & Posner, 2012). Get credentialed - credentialing is an important measure of competence and excellence in practice and attests to the attainment of specialized knowledge (Milazzo, 2004). Forensic nurses demonstrate competence through the pursuit of excellence in evidence based practice, self- reflection, and commitment to the

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