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  • How To Pursue A Career In Pediatric Nursing

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    Pediatric nursing is a specific field of nursing that focuses on the medical needs and treatment for infants, children, and adolescents. Majority of nurses who end up working in pediatric get their experience to pediatric nursing during undergraduate studies. Nurses who want a career in pediatric nursing complete field study hours in pediatrics upon degree completion. Pediatric nurses document signs and symptoms, medical history, draw blood and administer medicines and give vaccinations. Pediatrics

  • Professional Nursing Program Analysis

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    I could've never imagined myself to be a health care professional, caring for another person, being responsible for their life. Eastern Suffolk B.O.C.E.S Licensed Practical Nursing Program has had such a positive influence on me and my life. The program has guided me towards my career goal of becoming a health care professional. This program doesn't only teach medical information, but has taught me to become a responsible,mature and selfless young adult. In the beginning of the program, you are taught

  • The Importance Of Hope In Nursing Care

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    Nursing care allows for the relationship between the nurse and the patient to develop on a deeper understanding. This also allows the patient to have trust in the health care professionals. From research, it is evident that hope also has a connection to a patient’s quality of life (Smith, 2014). Through literature I have learnt that providing basic nursing care is a way for me to give and sustain the hope patients may have. As

  • Personal Philosophy Of Choosing Nursing As A Profession

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    A philosophy is just a thought, an opinion, ideas, a belief about certain profession, therefore a personal philosophy of nursing is a statement that expresses how we define nursing as a profession. Everyone has a different reason why choosing nursing as a profession, and we all came to the profession with our own beliefs about what we consider nursing to be, those beliefs will clearly influence the choices we make. It’s important to develop our own philosophy so it can be a guide to help us make

  • Doctor Of Nursing Practice Program Analysis

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    The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program is designed to prepare nurse leaders to adapt, commit and respond to the globally changing health care system. In the completion of the program, nurse leaders are expected to be alble to integrate knowledge, theories, and concepts from the biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organization sciences to develop ethical health care systems and new frontiers for nursing practice that addresses health care disparities. Evaluate research methods

  • Nsi's Use Of Restraints In Nursing Care

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    If the nursing staff in this situation were knowledgeable of NSI’s patient care and safety could have been vastly improved. Understanding of the use of restraints use would have very likely to have influenced them to not use them on this patient. Restraints are not indicated for patients that can respond appropriately and are able to make their needs known. The physician should have been questioned regarding the use of restrains on this patient. Restraints restrict movement that is necessary

  • Nursing Case Study Assisted Living

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    As nurses, patient education is a very important factor. Teaching Mr. Smith the pros and cons of assisted living is an essential part of patient care. As stated in the case study, Mr. Smith appears to be upset and explains that he feels responsible for him and his wife being in this situation. Disclose that this incident was caused by uncontrollable outside factors. The patient would be asked what his main concerns are. The patient would then be comforted by addressing any questions he may have about

  • Working In The Nursing Field Situation Analysis

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    Working in the nursing field, I have come across many situations that cause me some distress. The situations usually involve patients or colleagues. I knew that I had to do something about the situation but I was afraid that expressing my feeling would cause conflict. The workplace should provide a fair equitable environment where nurses will treated with respect and dignity during the course of their daily work (Cleary, Hunt, & Horsfall, 2010). One such situation that comes to mind is: I was

  • Professional Behavior In Nursing Practice Essay

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    as well as always following my institute’s policy, especially with hand hygiene. State 3 negative professional behaviors witnessed today? Why do you think these occurred? What can you do to prevent these from occurring? Why is it important to the nursing profession to avoid these behaviors? One of the negative behaviors I witnessed today was during report. The nurses never did a bedside report. They did their whole report at the nurse’s station and then the other nurse left. I think this occurred

  • Personal Narrative: My Nursing Philosophy Of Caring And Compassion

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    There is one quote that I always abided by and I feel that it not only relates to my everyday life, but also my nursing philosophy of caring and compassion. Well said by Maya Angelou “They may forget your name, but they will never forget how you made them feel!” to me is a very powerful saying. It ties into my whole reason of giving whether it is to the Salvation Army, to my classmates, or even to my future patients. Some patients may be so ill that maybe they aren’t able to catch who their care