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  • Nursing Becoming Influential

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    Becoming Influential The fact that the nursing story has seldom been told can result in a lack of public awareness of nursing, which downplays the work nurses do, and limits the ability to attract young people to the profession (Sullivan, 2013). Often when nurses are being portrayed in the media, it is usually in a negative fashion (Donelan, Buerhaus, DesRiches, Dittus and Dutwin, 2008). The public including ourselves and our families will all require a nurse at some time. This paper will focus

  • Rights Of Delegation In Nursing

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    Nursing Care and Delegation Nursing care is one of the most essential parts of the current health care system. Nursing requires day to day interaction with the patient and be able to provide the appropriate care. For one to be able to provide nursing care, it requires a huge set of skills. Delegation is one of the complex nursing skills, which requires not only sophisticated clinical judgment, but also accountability for patient care. Case scenario Ms. Swanson a 58 year old female patient admitted

  • Professionalism In Nursing Essay

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    profession is as follows: “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation; a principal calling, vocation, or employment; whole body of persons engaged in a calling”. So what does this mean in terms of the nursing field? In order to understand this question, it is important to look not only at the vigorous training nurses must receive but to also explore the Code of Ethics for Nurses and how nurses are incorporating those ethics into their every day practice

  • Collaboration In Nursing

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    Teamwork and Collaboration in Nursing The role of a professional nurse is composed of many skills and competencies. As a student nurse you learn about these skills and their importance. Each set of skills creates a background of knowledge and behaviors that make a nurse effective, efficient, and personable. Teamwork and collaboration are two of the most important aspects of nursing. Why are they so important? Are two minds really greater than one? Teamwork and collaboration: Who does that? During

  • Nursing Philosophy Paper

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    discuss nursing philosophies, one must know what a philosophy is. A philosophy is defined as the study of the principles underlying conduct, thought, and the nature of the universe (Black, 2014, p. 261). Philosophies of nursing are statements of beliefs about nursing and expressions of morals in nursing that are used as roots for thinking and acting. Most nursing philosophies are built on a base of beliefs about individuals, environment, well-being, and nursing (Black, 2014, p. 262). Nursing is more

  • Nursing Professional Boundaries

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    professional behaviour and professional boundaries are in nursing in today’s day and age. The Code of Conduct is a set of standards put in place for nurses by the Nursing Council of New Zealand to provide ethical and safe scope of practice to health consumers. This essay also outlines the main aspects of professional behaviour, such as respect, partnership and integrity and the importance of professional boundaries in nursing scope of practice. The nursing profession demands that the individual be responsible

  • Loyalty And Loyalty In Nursing

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    handle or do multi-task. ED staff nurses do clerical jobs like covering the work of the accounting staff and front desk secretary during the 11:00 pm -7:00 am shift due to having no staff on duty. In addition, ED staff nurses carry out the work of nursing attendants due to under staff. This working condition is very exhausting to affect their desire to remain in their current department (Jafaraghaee, Mehrdad, & Parvizy, 2014). It was mentioned by ED staff nurses that working in the ED is challenging

  • Gender Differences In Nursing

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    Nursing, is a demanding and an exhausting career in the society. Because of the shortage and high demand on the medical treatment, there are some changes in this generation. Firstly, the gender stereotype of nurse is changing. The government had hiring more nurses not only the female but also the male so as to solve the problem of supply does not meet the demand. The popularity of male nurse is raised increasingly. There will be more manpower to serve for the patients, it will be favorable for the

  • Nursing Work Burnout

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    The Nursing Career and Stress and Work-Related Burnout Working in the healthcare field can be overwhelming because of the continuous exposure to stressful events such as illnesses and death. Additionally, healthcare workers may suffer from high work demands such as long working hours, healthcare team relationship issues, and shortage of staff. To contribute with tension, these workers may also be exposed to daily unrelated work problems such as lack of personal time, family and financial issues.

  • Caring: The Nursing Career

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    Nursing is an extraordinary career that impacts the lives of many individuals. Nurses are very passionate human beings that are willing to heal the suffering of others by easing their recovery. As a professional caregiver, nurses must meet the needs of their patients with hard work and dedication. “The American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the National League for Nursing have identified caring as a foundational value for nursing” (nwjnjnjd1). Caring for others is very fundamental in this