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  • Nursing Narrative Experience

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    According to Hall & Powell (2011) narratives are “central to nursing” because it reveal significant information about health experiences of the individual shared in a clinical or non-clinical setting (p.7). Every individual has experience facing challenges on health issues to pain and illness (Hall & Powell, 2011, p. 3). This paper will examine the impact of illness and other contributing factors that shaped an individual’s overall health. The nature of the topic dictates the use of a narrative

  • Nursing Supervisor Support Essay

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    of this study was to: Identify perceived nursing supervisor support and its relation to work engagement and turnover intention among staff nurses at Benha University Hospital through: 1. Assessing level of nursing supervisor support as perceived by staff nurses. 2. Assessing level of staff nurses' work engagement. 3. Assessing to what extent the staff nurses intent to leave their work. 4. Exploring the relationship among perceived nursing supervisor support, work engagement and turnover intention

  • Acd Approach In Nursing

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    and physiology and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Also, knowledge and practice gaps identified in this study mean that nurse tutors need to emphasize extremely the assessment and observation of acutely ill patients to students during their basic nursing education, especially the importance of interpretation of their findings obtain from assessment and observation of

  • Nursing Work Burnout

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    The Nursing Career and Stress and Work-Related Burnout Working in the healthcare field can be overwhelming because of the continuous exposure to stressful events such as illnesses and death. Additionally, healthcare workers may suffer from high work demands such as long working hours, healthcare team relationship issues, and shortage of staff. To contribute with tension, these workers may also be exposed to daily unrelated work problems such as lack of personal time, family and financial issues.

  • Nursing Compassion Paper

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    First and foremost good nurses can't be in it just for the money, if you can’t show compassion towards others, then nursing might not be a good career option for you because " patients are unique individuals, deserving respect and preservation of their dignity"(Culprit and Spencer-Adam, 2014, 579). And your beside manner could possible be the difference between life and death. Futhermost becoming a great nurse takes time and commitment. It calls for specialized training and a caring, nurturing

  • Caring: The Nursing Career

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    Nursing is an extraordinary career that impacts the lives of many individuals. Nurses are very passionate human beings that are willing to heal the suffering of others by easing their recovery. As a professional caregiver, nurses must meet the needs of their patients with hard work and dedication. “The American Association of Colleges of Nursing and the National League for Nursing have identified caring as a foundational value for nursing” (nwjnjnjd1). Caring for others is very fundamental in this

  • The Influence Of Pursuing Nursing

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    There have been several factors that influenced me to pursue nursing, however, two have really stood out to me. First, I really enjoy working with people, I think building relationships and trust with a patient is important, even if it is for a short time. I have a strong sense of empathy, so, I enjoy any chance I get to help someone when they need it. I also work at my local nursing home, and I see everyday the impact nurses have on their patients and the patient’s family. It has been prominent

  • Nursing Program Accreditation

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    It is amazing how many options there are out for accreditation. According to the Nursing Program Accreditation Resources (2011) accreditation has two levels: institution and program and further broken down into regional and national. There are six regional accrediting agencies that certify schools meeting specific standards (Nursing Program Accreditation Resources, 2011). National accrediting agencies focus on associations of schools with common themes. There are 52 of these agencies such as the

  • Nursing Theory And Worldview

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    spirituality, and culture, collaborate it with my choice of nursing theory that illustrates my philosophy in life and approach to patient care including their similarities. I will elaborate how my philosophy and nursing theory reinforce my perspective and decision-making towards my role as a future Nurse Practitioner. In this paper a specific example of my past or current practice will be point out and how my worldview and this nursing theory helped me in resolving the issues and problem that I encountered

  • Nursing Ethical Dilemmas

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    available to nursing supervisors to aid in resolution of ethical issues or dilemmas regarding this scenario. My role as a supervisor, I would have asked the physician questions regarding the order and his reasoning pertaining to the restraints. Evidence based practice does not support the use of restraints on a patient that is able to respond appropriately and able to reposition themselves in bed. Education to staff members should be supported by evidence based practice. Myself as the nursing supervisor