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  • Health Promotion Model In Nursing

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    patients and their health problems and from which we plan interventions to help them” (Zaccagnini & White, 2017, p. 14). Theories are necessary for nursing research and practice. Utilizing a theory that is congruent with the program’s goal will help guide and provide structure to the project leaders throughout the implementation process. The nursing theory chosen for the osteoporosis program is the health promotion model (HPM). The HPM was published by Nola Pender in 1982 and revised in 1996, incorporating

  • Medication Error In Nursing

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    prescription and dispensing, medication error can be prevented (Carolyn, Debra, Patricia & Tamara, 2015). However, in my incident the nurse who did the medication error had committed to a big mistake leading to mortality. The primary nurse had been in nursing for the past ten years and being such a senior she should had question the doctor’s order. In average there are about six to ten cases of CABG and this nurse had been taking care patient’s post CABG. We had never received such orders. I strongly believe

  • Acd Approach In Nursing

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    and physiology and cardiopulmonary resuscitation. Also, knowledge and practice gaps identified in this study mean that nurse tutors need to emphasize extremely the assessment and observation of acutely ill patients to students during their basic nursing education, especially the importance of interpretation of their findings obtain from assessment and observation of

  • Role Of Occupational Health Nursing

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    1-Define the occupational health nursing. 2-List the scope of occupational health nursing. 3- Describe work health interactions. 4-Identify the team of occupational health and safety programs. 5-Discus the role of community health nursing in occupational health. -Introduction: -No work is completely risk free and all health care professionals should have some basic knowledge about workforce populations, work and related hazards, and methods to control hazards and improve health

  • Principles Of Epidemiology In Public Health Nursing

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    Principles of Epidemiology in Public Health Nursing The public health nurse has a challenging undertaking when dealing with the health concerns of a community. These health concerns are multifocal in nature and include health promotion, management of chronic disease, along with assuring access to health care. Additionally, each community will change over time with the nurse needing to adapt and shift the health concern focus. Essentially, the nurse will need to know what the health concerns are in

  • The Importance Of Hope In Nursing Care

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    Nursing care allows for the relationship between the nurse and the patient to develop on a deeper understanding. This also allows the patient to have trust in the health care professionals. From research, it is evident that hope also has a connection to a patient’s quality of life (Smith, 2014). Through literature I have learnt that providing basic nursing care is a way for me to give and sustain the hope patients may have. As

  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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    became familiar with some medicines and their therapeutic effects. My parents did not have the financial capability to send us all to school, so I decided to sacrifices my early school days to look after my younger ones. I have been interested in the nursing profession since I was a child, but due to my parent's financial hardship, I was unable to achieve the necessary qualification at school. But as soon as I had finished my secondary school level education, I opted to take a different career part in

  • Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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    While each patient is unique, receiving healthcare often proves to be both physically and emotionally challenging for many depending on the circumstances. Although feeling dependent on healthcare professionals like nurses is not always easy, the public can find comfort in knowing that a majority of the care they receive is backed by reliable research. By practicing only skills that have evidence to support their safety and effectiveness, patient outcomes improve, and evidence-based practice (EBP)

  • Nursing Affiliations

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    Abstract The main purpose of this article is to analyze and inquire three professional nursing affiliations. The three professional affiliations that I selected for review are Oncology Nursing Society, Academy of Neonatal Nursing, and Emergency Nurses Association. The following aspects of the professional nursing affiliations are tackled in the article: 1) the description and the scope of the affiliations; 2) the mission and value of the affiliations; 3) the journal or email newsletter the organizations

  • The Importance Of End Of Life Nursing

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    End of life nursing mainly encompasses various characteristics of care this includes symptom and pain management, assisting patients and culturally sensitive practice along with the families through dying and death process as well as ethical decision making. As described by (Petriwskyj et al., 2014), the “advocacy” is recognised as major core competency for professional nurses, however the research discloses the associated issues and barriers for attaining such capabilities and skills. Challenges