Nursing Informative Speech

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My chosen topic for the informative speech is based off the experience and research I completed of nursing. It is easy to say that I am biased for the love of health care, but recently I have started becoming skeptical on my future career plans. Nursing is definitely what I would want to do with my life, but I recently found another career that I have for a backup plan in case nursing does not work out for me. First, I am going to worry myself sick the rest of my freshman year because I have to have complete focus on my grades by getting no lower than a 3.7 GPA. Right now, I am staying on top of my grades, but getting involved in Greek life, becoming an officer for an organization called HOSA, working at a hospital, commuting to school, and socializing with my friends takes up a huge chunk of my life. Another thing I am extremely worried about is the stress I will be getting from nursing school. I love being able to have a social life, work at my job, workout, play volleyball, and sleep, so will this be a problem when it comes down to the time when I have to hit the books…show more content…
Another reason I chose to introduce this topic to the audience is to share my knowledge of healthcare with people who are interested into going into the health field, or maybe even getting some people to switch their major to nursing or change their major from a health related occupation because it is so intense. I feel this topic is perfect for this age group because it is a mature topic and people need to see what it is like in the real world. After my preview for the presentation, I decided to show pictures of what I could possibly see on a typical day on my unit. I then will begin to give a brief history of research I did on nursing to let the audience see what it was like back in the good ole

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