Lateral Violence In Nursing

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Lateral Violence in Nursing Sarah Amos Central Texas College Lateral Violence in Nursing Bullying, workplace incivility, lateral violence, horizontal violence, horizontal abuse, disruptive behavior, “nurses eating their young”, relational aggression…all different names used for one basic problem. A problem of workplace incivility that is growing at an alarming rate and currently hinders the professional nursing community. What are the contributing factors that increase the risk for this uncivil behavior? Why in a profession whose hallmarks are compassion and caring does this problem exist? Who does this problem affect? What are the psychological and physical effects of workplace violence? To answer these questions, more and more…show more content…
However, research shows that many nurses experience incivilities immediately upon entering the work force. Some more seasoned nurses feel harassment is a “right of passage” for young nurses; they had to endure lateral violence so others should too. Some nurses are jealous, some have superiority complexes, while others are bitter from events in their past. Many nurses do not even realize they are the problem, as workplace incivilities become the new normal. Increasingly, bulling starts with the supervisor as the source of the abuse, (Khadjehturian, 2012). Whatever the reasons nurses have for uncivil behaviors, these actions perpetuate many negative outcomes such as high turnover rates, diminished job satisfaction, poor morale and potentially decreased patient safety, (McNamara,…show more content…
Behaviors that disrupt the workplace have impacts that are far reaching to include, patient outcomes, nursing practice and the facilities bottom line, (McNamara, 2012). The first step in eliminating lateral violence needs to come in the education process of future nurses. If students are learning in an environment where lateral violence is allowed to take place, it will only get worse when they become part of the workforce. Institutions of higher learning must put in place no tolerance policies against lateral violence and bulling. Change must also take place in the professional nursing community. Nurses need to foster a workplace that is respectful, happy and establishes a safe environment for every patient. References Becher, J., & Visovsky, C. (2012). Horizontal Violence in Nursing. Medsurg Nursing: Official Journal Of The Academy Of Medical-Surgical Nurses, 21(4), 210. Bullying and Workplace Violence. (n.d.). Retrieved November 13, 2014, from Dellasega, C. (2009). Bullying Among Nurses. AJN , 109

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