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  • Nursing Assessment In Nursing

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    play the main role in identifying the risk take prompt actions. They also deal with medical aspect of care assessing and making sure that the client gets the right medications on time. To illustrate an example, there is a resident with dementia in a nursing home where I currently work. She throws tantrum and yells at a care giver whenever is approaches here but, she gets calm and relaxed when a nurse

  • Importance Of Nursing Experience In Nursing

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    Evidence 1 Throughout the master’s program, I have enhanced my nursing practice through public service and participation in professional organizations. I have volunteered at Synergy Saturdays in addition to Harmony Health Clinic in Little Rock, Arkansas. Furthermore, I am a member of Sigma Theta Tau International, which has permitted me to network with other healthcare professionals. The first example that I would like to present would be my volunteer services at Harmony Health Clinic in Little

  • Nursing Becoming Influential

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    Becoming Influential The fact that the nursing story has seldom been told can result in a lack of public awareness of nursing, which downplays the work nurses do, and limits the ability to attract young people to the profession (Sullivan, 2013). Often when nurses are being portrayed in the media, it is usually in a negative fashion (Donelan, Buerhaus, DesRiches, Dittus and Dutwin, 2008). The public including ourselves and our families will all require a nurse at some time. This paper will focus

  • Professionalism In Nursing Essay

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    profession is as follows: “a calling requiring specialized knowledge and often long and intensive academic preparation; a principal calling, vocation, or employment; whole body of persons engaged in a calling”. So what does this mean in terms of the nursing field? In order to understand this question, it is important to look not only at the vigorous training nurses must receive but to also explore the Code of Ethics for Nurses and how nurses are incorporating those ethics into their every day practice

  • Nursing Metastructures

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    Metastructures: Data, Information, Knowledge, and Wisdom The central aims of nursing informatics are to organize and manage data, information, knowledge, and wisdom. Nurses all over the world struggle with phone call interruptions during critical times of the day. Medication preparation and administration requires the nurse to be 100% concentrated on the task. Workflow shows that nurses face several challenges when administering medications and the errors rise with each interruption. Information

  • Loyalty And Loyalty In Nursing

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    handle or do multi-task. ED staff nurses do clerical jobs like covering the work of the accounting staff and front desk secretary during the 11:00 pm -7:00 am shift due to having no staff on duty. In addition, ED staff nurses carry out the work of nursing attendants due to under staff. This working condition is very exhausting to affect their desire to remain in their current department (Jafaraghaee, Mehrdad, & Parvizy, 2014). It was mentioned by ED staff nurses that working in the ED is challenging

  • Gender Differences In Nursing

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    Nursing, is a demanding and an exhausting career in the society. Because of the shortage and high demand on the medical treatment, there are some changes in this generation. Firstly, the gender stereotype of nurse is changing. The government had hiring more nurses not only the female but also the male so as to solve the problem of supply does not meet the demand. The popularity of male nurse is raised increasingly. There will be more manpower to serve for the patients, it will be favorable for the

  • A Career In The Nursing Field

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    Nursing Have you ever thought about saving someone else's life, on a daily basis? Because I know I have. Yes it is pretty scary having that much responsibility on your shoulders, but you have to do it. People need nurses to do the dirty work. Today many people think that the nursing field is pretty easy compared to most jobs. Most people go in the nursing field for the money, and end up leaving because they did not expect the outcome of the job. By researching this career, people with interest

  • Strategies To Address Nursing Shortage

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    autonomy and establish special rules for smaller hospitals. The major issue that will be addressed in this plan is the nursing shortage Strategies to Address the Issues and Establish an Action Plan Several strategies are recommended to address the issue of nursing shortage that affect H.R. Bill 1602. Increase enrollment in nursing school by establishing no tuition for college for nursing students both Licensed Practical Nurses

  • Critical Thinking In Nursing Research

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    Hello Bibin, I agree with you in this paragraph, nursing students need critical thinking skills during clinic and hospital because nurses have to think deep and make decisions during the job. Critical thinking skills are very essential for nursing because nurses deal with patients and they should be careful about mistakes through work. Also, critical thinking makes nurses to make ideal care and great job for patients because critical thinking includes applying, synthesis, evaluation, and judgment