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Running head: LEADERSHIP STYLES Leadership Styles Melissa Anderson Central Texas College LEADERSHIP STYLES There are many different types of leadership styles in nursing. These different styles can affect not only the employees working under the leader, but also patient care. According to Contemporary Nursing, there are three types of management styles: authoritative, participative, and laissez-faire (p. 291). The authoritative style is by far the most strict leadership style. The nurse using this style of leadership does things quickly and with much control. They also make decisions without consulting their employees or asking for any feedback. This type of leadership also has the nursing manager closely supervising employees,…show more content…
This type of leadership encourages staff to participate in planning and decision making. It also motivates them to take initiative and contribute their best efforts (Leadership Styles in Nursing Management, n.d.). The participative leadership style is also called the democratic style. This type of leader allows for input from employees, but the final decision is made by the leader. Participative leadership often enhances the effectiveness of the staff and makes them feel like they are a team. Another positive outcome of this leadership style includes praising the staff on a job well done, whereas the authoritative leader does not offer any kudos which could leave the staff to feel that they did a poor job (Clinical Nurse Leadership and Performance Improvement on Surgical Unit,…show more content…
For example, an authoritative leadership style may be used in a life-threatening situation where there is no time to consult with other staff members on who should do what. In this situation decisions must be made quickly. This type of leadership style is appropriate for this situation, but would not work efficiently on an average medical-surgical unit. The participative leadership style is what is used the most in today’s health care system. This type of leadership is most effective in that it involves the staff collaborating together to achieve patient safety and quality care. This would be appropriate working on a floor or in home health. The laissez-faire leadership style would not be appropriate for any type of nursing with the exception of researching or maybe one doing mainly paperwork. This type of leadership could be construed as laziness or unmotivated and not working well with

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