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  • Icf Case Study Nursing

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    As clinicians, we are all challenged every day to demonstrate better assessments and interventions that are making a difference to our patients and families we serve. In effect, this case study enhances our thinking and begin to integrate the International Classification of Functioning, Disability and Health (ICF) framework. The ICF model of disablement goes beyond the impairment level and try to capture and report on the most important performances that truly has an impact for our patients overall

  • Nursing Case Study Essay

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    Christine is a 45-year-old female here today with concerns for elevated blood pressures. HPI The patient tells me she has been checking her blood pressures recently. Last week, she checked her blood pressures with the nurse at school that she sometimes substitutes at, and more recently has checked them with the Rite-Aid machine and they are ranging in the 147 to 158 systolic/97 to 99 diastolic. She reports her diastolic has not been lower than 97. Here today in the office, on her check, she

  • Cultural Assessment

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    Culturally Appropriate Care Planning Health care providers are tasked with providing culturally sensitive patient care. This includes the obligation to perform a comprehensive cultural assessment when planning care for the patient. However, this is a challenging task for nurses with the various cultural dynamics of all the various ethnic groups in the United States. Nevertheless, the nurse will need to establish a rapport with the patient when trying to develop a cultural assessment of the patient

  • I Want To Be A Nurse Essay

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    there will always be people who need help. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for nurses is expected to rise with a growth of 16% from 2014 to 2024. Nursing job outlook is excellent considering there is more of a demand for doctors. An RN has an average salary of $67,490 annually. In order to get a degree in nursing the shortest time

  • Vulnerability In Health Care

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    anxiety within a healthcare setting (Rogers, 1997). This is different from a safeguarding perspective where a child abuse victim is immediately considered vulnerable from an entirely different and additional set of circumstances (Royal College of Nursing, 2014). Abuse victims will become psychologically vulnerable through their experience and, as a result, require a great deal of empathy and sensitivity to care for not just their immediate medical needs, but the, potentially, longer lasting psychological

  • Peri-Death Nursing Care: A Case Study

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    Palliative care was a challenging topic for me. Like many others I was faced with the fear of how I might react and respond to a person who is at their end of life. Death has always been an area of nursing that I was unsure of, part of it was a lack of knowledge that I had surrounding death and how to care for a patient when death is occurring or has occurred. Communicating with patients and families in regards to death such as grief, suffering, loss, and bereavement was another area I was unsure

  • Ethical Decision Making Process In Nursing

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    As a human and a nurse, I value life. In addition, nursing profession strives to do no harm and to do all possible to save life, especially child’s life. “Kantian deontology is based on respect for persons and includes duties to avoid killing innocent persons, the duty to tell the truth, and the duty to

  • Public Health Nursing Case Study

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    Introduction The Primary Community and Continuing Care (2009) state that public health nurses (PHNs) provide preventative and curative care within specific geographical regions to people of various age groups. Mulcahy et al (2012) describe PHNs as ‘population based generalist nurses’. Public health nurse’s areas of care vary from wound dressing clinics to postnatal home visits. Placement in this area involved experiences such as the addiction clinic, breastfeeding clinic and first postnatal visits

  • Snow Day In Nursing Chapter Summaries

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    The book starts in a small town by Portland, Oregon, where Mia lives with her parents and her brother. It is a lovely morning and they are eating breakfast. Then on the radio it lets them know that there is no school due to the snow. Since Mia's dad is an english teacher at the school he does not have t work. Then her mom calls for the day off and now they are able to spend a snow day together. Mia is really good at playing the cello and her dreams are to make it into Julliard. She has recently auditioned

  • Personal Statement: Why I Want To Nursing School

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    When I was a freshman in college, I decided to go to nursing school because I wanted to help people during their time of need. Throughout my undergraduate career, I learned many ways that nurses can help patients. Since graduation I have been working in a fast-paced emergency department taking care of patients using the knowledge and skills I learned in nursing school. My ER experience gave me a new perspective on patient care and the negative impact patients suffer because of poorly managed chronic