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  • Concept Analysis Advocacy

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    guidance for nurses. Nonetheless, being an advocate for patients is a vital attribute and skill in the nursing profession. Design: Concept analysis. Data Sources: A literature search was conducted using CINHAL, Academic OneFile, EBSCOhost databases (2003-2015) as well as academic and library catalog texts. Methods: The Walker and Avant method was used. Results: Advocacy is widely used in nursing and many professions. Advocacy cannot be singled out as one simple task but a multitude of events that

  • Scope Of Practice Analysis

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    Scope of Practice Initial Response The Texas Board of Nursing (BON) Rule 217.11 Standards of Nursing Practice defines the proficient level of care throughout the nursing process (Texas Board of Nurses [BON], 2007). These professional standards provide guidance to sustain competent nursing practice (BON, 2007). Standards are set to enable nurses to reflect on their current nursing practice and assess areas that may need modifications in order to achieve a higher level of performance (Milton, 2008)

  • Why Do Nurses Go Back To School

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    working can always go back to school if you desire to do so. Nurses with associate’s degree in nursing or diploma in nursing should be encouraged to go back to school by the employers. Finance is big issue with most of the nurses, busy life with family and work it is hard to go back to school. Full support from the family, friends and colleagues will be of great help. Advancing the profession of nursing improves the standard of care, patient satisfaction and improved rating of the hospital or any

  • Examples Of Transformational Leadership

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    future nurse leaders. As aforementioned, transformational leadership when embedded within a leader helps in enhancing the performance, motivation, and morale of the subordinates using different techniques. Due to the challenging and rapidly-changing nursing work environment, nurses require motivation to improve their performance towards enhancing positive patient outcomes ( Ross, Fitzpatrick, Click, Krouse, & Clavelle, 2014) . In this light, transformational leadership promotes a good work-life balance

  • Clinical Entry Journal Analysis

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    My first few initial meetings with my preceptor were to discuss my options and choices for the core competencies. We explored various activities that will help me to achieve my desired outcome for this clinical experience. This journal will explore my objectives and learning activities relating to the core competencies from The American Organization of Nurse Executives (AONE), personal philosophy, and situations that I experience during my clinical experience regarding my personal objectives. Analysis

  • Specialty Informatics Reflection

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    providers can use every day (Sprenger, 2011). This outcome integrates all the course work along with my work place experience and leadership. The capstone project serves as a reflection of this knowledge. I will have achieved this Master of Science in Nursing outcome by immersing informatics and technology into my healthcare environment with my capstone project to help all staff comply with

  • Pediatric Nurse Practitioner Essay

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    work environment, scope of practice, education, and numbers of America’s nurses” (Institute of Medicine [IOM], 2011, p. 4). In the U.S., nurses constitute the largest sector of health care professionals (IOM, 2011). With such large numbers, the nursing profession is positioned to affect how the health care system is able to meet the growing demand for safe, high-quality, and effective health care services. +++++++++++++ Historical The role of nurse practitioner has expanded dramatically since

  • Essay On Contextual Learning

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    recognized as an independent nursing function because nurses as education are trained on how best to ensure that patients are giving needed education on how to prevent illnesses and diseases and how best to manage it. To further establish the usefulness of this concept, international council of Nurses (ICN) endorses health education as an essential component of nursing care delivery state nurse practice acts have universally includes teaching with the scope of nursing

  • Essay For Dw

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    Professional Profile I am a person with skills of Self-motivation and empathetic approach which brought me into the field of service. People who seeks ‘help and motivation’ made me to choose Nursing as my profession, and the environment of service providing settings as Hospitals, Care homes and people who take care of needful inspired me to come to the field of DSW. So I am currently pursuing my DSW program at Fanshawe College.After joining the DSW program I got a chance to work for people with

  • Descriptive Research Critique

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    , Fethney, J., (2015)Physical Health Risk Behaviours in Young People with Mental Illness, Issues in Mental Health Nursing, 36;10, 781-790, DOI: 10.3109/01612840.2015.1036480 With respect to authors qualifications, the purpose of this paper is to critique the article“ Physical Health Risk Behaviours in Young People with Mental Illness” that published in issue in Mental Health Nursing. The title appropriately indicates to the target population sample (young people with mental illness), as well the