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  • Licensed Vocational Nursing Case Study

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    The contemporary practical vocational nursing education offers nursing vocation for somebody who wish to care and concern about others, is occupied with medicinal services, and needs to be a piece of a restorative group. Dissimilar to other nursing occupations, authorized practical and authorized professional attendants are not needed to hold an advanced education. The nursing career deficiency will cause problems in the health care units, and now those hoping to jump into the medicinal services

  • Nursing Career Research Paper

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    Although I am currently in my first year at BOCES.I do believe this is going to be the foundation for my nursing career. After completing my first year of the IHOC program I then will go onto my second year. After my second year I am hoping to go to collage. Although I currently do not know exactly what collage I want to go to I do have several ideas. After

  • Nursing Documentation: Highly Regulated Profession

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    Nursing is a highly regulated profession that cn be characterized by the quality of nursing documentation. Legal and ethical issues can arise from improper documentation. Documentation is important because it describes how professional nurses are meeting legal and ethical requirements. Two legal and ethical problems that can arise from improper documentation are charges of malpractice and breach of duty. Advanced directives can affect the quality of care given since it is an expression of the patient’s

  • Nursing Survey Tools Analysis

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    The Use of Survey Tools to Promote Caring in Nursing “Effective use of an interpersonal tool, such as advocacy, enhances the care-giving environment.” (Selanders, L., Crane, P., 2012) This quote shows the importance of using advocacy as a tool to promote caring in the healthcare field. In light of modern healthcare striving for more holistic patient-centered care, it is important to encourage the use of tools that will focus on the patient’s perception of care and provide the nurse with a resource

  • Personal Philosophy Of Choosing Nursing As A Profession

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    A philosophy is just a thought, an opinion, ideas, a belief about certain profession, therefore a personal philosophy of nursing is a statement that expresses how we define nursing as a profession. Everyone has a different reason why choosing nursing as a profession, and we all came to the profession with our own beliefs about what we consider nursing to be, those beliefs will clearly influence the choices we make. It’s important to develop our own philosophy so it can be a guide to help us make

  • I Want To Pursue A Nursing Career

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    Nursing is a career that requires commitment, patience and empathy, which could be rewarding in helping people. I am a responsible, caring and enthusiastic person who has the wish to care and help people. With work experience, I have practiced as a nurse for six years full-time in overseas from 2001 to 2007. In the UK, I continued to work as a care assistant full-time from 2007 till 2012 when I gained an admission to study BSc (Hon) Public Health at the University of Wolverhampton where I successfully

  • Professional Nursing Research Paper

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    care, especially in hospitals. They are always expected to display the behavior of being competent and skillful in alignment with their profession. They should follow the ethics and nurse code of conduct and adhered to all other rules set by the nursing profession. A professional nurse has several roles to fulfill when carrying out her responsibilities. One of the roles is that of being a caregiver. A nurse is always expected to give hands-on care to all the patients irrespective of the environment

  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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    My primary interest for nursing was when my mother had severe depression, she needed constant care, which was provided by nurses, so she could lead a healthy lifestyle. This motivated me because as a nurse, you need to provide support to the family, a quality of care and sympathy towards the patient. Throughout the years I recognised nursing is a very stimulating and challenging career, as I would help her with everything she needed, from bathing her to collecting her medicines from the pharmacy

  • Doctor Of Nursing Practice Program Analysis

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    The Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) degree program is designed to prepare nurse leaders to adapt, commit and respond to the globally changing health care system. In the completion of the program, nurse leaders are expected to be alble to integrate knowledge, theories, and concepts from the biophysical, psychosocial, analytical, and organization sciences to develop ethical health care systems and new frontiers for nursing practice that addresses health care disparities. Evaluate research methods

  • Clinical Judgment And Decision-Making In Nursing

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    For my assignment I am going to talk about two vital skills in nursing; clinical judgement and decision making. Clinical judgement is the conclusion or enlightened opinion at which a nurse arrives following a process of observation, reflexion and analysis of observable or available information or data (Ankner, 2012). Clinical judgement is vital in nursing so that errors are avoided and that the best possible care is given to the client. Clinical judgement is defined as not only being able to make