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  • Nursing Ethical Dilemma

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    Ethical dilemma in Nursing: Importance of nurses to model and articulate patient advocacy Skills Professional nurses participate as members of the medical team and use the skills of leadership, advocacy and collaboration to promote systemic change as appropriate to ensure optimum care for their patients. Autonomy is important in healthcare. Respecting and honoring a client wishes are imperative to becoming an exceptional effective advocate.1 According to an article written by Cindy Zolnierek, MSN

  • Nursing Compassion Paper

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    First and foremost good nurses can't be in it just for the money, if you can’t show compassion towards others, then nursing might not be a good career option for you because " patients are unique individuals, deserving respect and preservation of their dignity"(Culprit and Spencer-Adam, 2014, 579). And your beside manner could possible be the difference between life and death. Futhermost becoming a great nurse takes time and commitment. It calls for specialized training and a caring, nurturing

  • Theories Of Nursing Metaparadigm

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    Nursing definition by American Nursing Association is the "protection, promotion, and optimization of health and abilities, prevention of illness and injury, alleviation of suffering through the diagnosis and treatment of human response, and advocacy in the care of individuals, families, communities and population. The way it addresses the metaparadigm theories of nursing comprises of 4 parts which are person, health, nursing, and environment. Before we go through each one, what is "metaparadigm"

  • The Influence Of Pursuing Nursing

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    There have been several factors that influenced me to pursue nursing, however, two have really stood out to me. First, I really enjoy working with people, I think building relationships and trust with a patient is important, even if it is for a short time. I have a strong sense of empathy, so, I enjoy any chance I get to help someone when they need it. I also work at my local nursing home, and I see everyday the impact nurses have on their patients and the patient’s family. It has been prominent

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

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    My career is being certified nurse assistance. Nursing assistance provide care and perform giving task under the supervisions of a nurse or doctor. Somethings that nursing assistants do are answer patients call signals, help patients eat ,dress, and bath, server meals, turn and reposition them to prevent bed sores ,observe some of there conditions and report them to the head nurse, clean rooms and change linens for the next shift. Our job duties is very important because we want our paitients to

  • Nursing Metaparadigm Paper

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    the meaning of the nursing metaparadigm. The nursing meteparadigm has four concepts that will be different from person to person, which includes the person, health, environment, and nursing. This is my personal nursing metaparadigm that reflects my thoughts on the four concepts. The main purpose for a nursing metaparadigm is to have a shared set of concepts that guides the care of nursing and ensure proper nursing care is being performed. My Nursing Philology Metaparadigm

  • Nursing Theory And Worldview

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    spirituality, and culture, collaborate it with my choice of nursing theory that illustrates my philosophy in life and approach to patient care including their similarities. I will elaborate how my philosophy and nursing theory reinforce my perspective and decision-making towards my role as a future Nurse Practitioner. In this paper a specific example of my past or current practice will be point out and how my worldview and this nursing theory helped me in resolving the issues and problem that I encountered

  • Horizontal Violence In Nursing

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    epidemic in the nursing profession especially among nursing students and newly registered nurses. In 2010 one out of six nurses had been impacted by horizontal violence, and this number is on the rise because seventy-eight percent of nurses that have been victimized have not reported horizontal violence to their manager, also sixty percent of all new nurses leave their job within the first six months due to violence in their work place (Hegal, 2010). Violent behaviors in nursing cause high attrition

  • Ways Of Knowing In Nursing

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    Personal Views on the Five Ways of Knowing in Nursing Knowledge is an important fundamental base for practice in all areas of health care. Many nursing theorists have tried to define and identify nursing knowledge since the time of Florence Nightingale. Carper’s seminal article in 1978 highlighted four ways of knowing; this delineated knowledge beyond just empirical (Bonis, 2009). The inclusion of White’s sociopolitical knowing rounded out nursing knowledge more completely. While the different

  • Certified Nursing Assistant

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    Why do certified nursing assistants need to know how to use and read a medical chart? Reading and Writing is fundamental in every career from teaching, legal occupations, engineering, and most importantly in the medical field. According to the nursing assistant guide, written and oral communication are necessary skills in the nursing occupation. The use of writing and reading skills is applied to a number of job responsibilities of certified nursing assistants including documenting medical records