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  • Philosophy Of Nursing Metaparadigm

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    Concept Synthesis on Personal Philosophy of Nursing The primary purpose of this assignment is to describe and analyze the author’s perspective on the four concepts of the nursing metaparadigm as well as their application into nursing practice. In addition, the author will propose two concepts pertinent to practice and discuss how these concepts relate to his nursing philosophy and professional foundation for practice. Nursing Autobiography The nursing profession offers many areas of opportunity

  • Quality Assurance In Nursing

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    Problems faced by Maven Manor Nursing Home and preventive Measures There are different steps that have been taken by Maven Manon Nursing Home since a number of problems has been diminishing from more 10 cases in 2011 to only 6 cases of the measures that had to be taken. This is a proof that specific steps have been addressing specific

  • Nursing Personal Statement Examples

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    became familiar with some medicines and their therapeutic effects. My parents did not have the financial capability to send us all to school, so I decided to sacrifices my early school days to look after my younger ones. I have been interested in the nursing profession since I was a child, but due to my parent's financial hardship, I was unable to achieve the necessary qualification at school. But as soon as I had finished my secondary school level education, I opted to take a different career part in

  • Registered Nursing Career Essay

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    became interested in the health field. I love the idea of working with people of different ages, backgrounds, and life experiences. This essay serves as great way to challenge myself to research further into a career that is interesting, registered nursing. The many aspects to this career include, more about the job, location and environment, salary and benefits, education and skills, and job outlook. Registered nurses (RNs) give and organize patients health, instruct patients and people in general

  • Licensed Vocational Nursing Case Study

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    The contemporary practical vocational nursing education offers nursing vocation for somebody who wish to care and concern about others, is occupied with medicinal services, and needs to be a piece of a restorative group. Dissimilar to other nursing occupations, authorized practical and authorized professional attendants are not needed to hold an advanced education. The nursing career deficiency will cause problems in the health care units, and now those hoping to jump into the medicinal services

  • Evidence Based Practice In Nursing

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    While each patient is unique, receiving healthcare often proves to be both physically and emotionally challenging for many depending on the circumstances. Although feeling dependent on healthcare professionals like nurses is not always easy, the public can find comfort in knowing that a majority of the care they receive is backed by reliable research. By practicing only skills that have evidence to support their safety and effectiveness, patient outcomes improve, and evidence-based practice (EBP)

  • The Importance Of End Of Life Nursing

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    End of life nursing mainly encompasses various characteristics of care this includes symptom and pain management, assisting patients and culturally sensitive practice along with the families through dying and death process as well as ethical decision making. As described by (Petriwskyj et al., 2014), the “advocacy” is recognised as major core competency for professional nurses, however the research discloses the associated issues and barriers for attaining such capabilities and skills. Challenges

  • Nursing Career Research Paper

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    Although I am currently in my first year at BOCES.I do believe this is going to be the foundation for my nursing career. After completing my first year of the IHOC program I then will go onto my second year. After my second year I am hoping to go to collage. Although I currently do not know exactly what collage I want to go to I do have several ideas. After

  • Pediatric Nursing Research Paper

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    Pediatric nursing is the practice of nursing with infants, youths and their families. A pediatric nurse is a healthcare worker who works directly with patients in age from newborn to 18 years old. They assist medical doctors with test, deal with emergencies, and provide professional care for sick babies and children in a variety of settings including hospitals, doctor's offices, pediatrician offices, schools, clinics etc. They work with children who have special needs, health issues, plus emotional

  • Medication Error In Nursing

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    prescription and dispensing, medication error can be prevented (Carolyn, Debra, Patricia & Tamara, 2015). However, in my incident the nurse who did the medication error had committed to a big mistake leading to mortality. The primary nurse had been in nursing for the past ten years and being such a senior she should had question the doctor’s order. In average there are about six to ten cases of CABG and this nurse had been taking care patient’s post CABG. We had never received such orders. I strongly believe