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  • Nike Marketing Strategy

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    customers into different groups based on their knowledge and attitude to a product as us benefit sought, user status and loyalty. The marketing strategy of Nike helped them to be one of the best multinational companies in the world, the main marketing strategy of Nike is relies on commercials and promotions. Nike does great in segmenting the customers into groups by marketing the items of different sports depends on which sport the individual takes part

  • Swot Analysis Of Petrol Marketing

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    RETAIL PETROLEUM MARKETING: PRESENT SCENARIO Today the marketing of petrol has changed from what it used to be in yester-years and hence petrol is on its way to transformation from being an “undifferentiated commodity” to a “branded product” (“Indian Petrol Industry – Towards Branded Fuels”. 2003. ICMR). Drastic changes (like opening up of the petrol market for private companies as well as for the international players and leaving the determination of petrol prices on the market forces) in the environment

  • Air Asia Marketing Strategy

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    tastes and preferences of the customers. Air Asia’s marketing objectives to expand the product mix include: - New routes and destinations all over the world. - Flights to Americas and other Western countries - Further destinations with Air Asia X. - Improving the Do-It-Yourself customisation product where the customers get to pick and choose what they would like. Maximising customer service The most important aspect of the marketing objectives. Customer services is responding to the needs

  • Marketing Strategy Of Coca Cola

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    successful over the two centuries and has become an icon of the American culture has well to the part of the world. The purpose of this report is going to focus on the company marketing strategies and how they can satisfy their consumers and how they demand their business as it is analysed in Coca Cola of how their marketing and sales techniques can utilised and how they attract their purchasers

  • The Importance Of Effective Marketing

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    Marketing plays a vital role in establishing a relationship between company and consumer, while also strategically enhancing company branding. Without effective marketing, consumers may not become aware of products or services and, without consumer demand, companies may not survive. Therefore, the consumer decision process exists in between the marketing strategy and the outcome of these decisions, and this strategy is determined by its interaction with these decisions. However, while the company

  • Trap-Ease Mousetrap Marketing Strategy

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    Guided by the marketing strategy, the company designs an integrated marketing mix which consists of the four P’s that is product, price, place or distribution, and promotion. Firstly, product produces by the company. Currently, Trap-Ease has only manufactured one product that is the mousetrap, which is also known as the Trap-Ease mousetrap. This mousetrap is designed to allow customers to enjoy the means of dealing with mouse problem efficiently. Customers can be at ease by avoiding the safety and

  • Globalization Of Brand Marketing In India

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    brought in radical changes in the Indian marketing scenario. Professionalization of marketing strategies of Indian companies, products proliferation, and diversity of consumer choice and entry of multinational corporations are a few of them. Indian brands need to be managed uniquely. Indian brand marketing creates an effective, integrated strategy to build a value added brand in today’s competitive marketing in India which mainly involves advertising, marketing, publicity and research. As retail industry

  • Harley Davidson Marketing Strategy

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    just-in-time methodology. A continuous flow of quality parts into Harley's factories not only reduces money tied up in inventory but drives quality throughout the manufacturing process.   C. Describe the five marketing management concepts and explain which one describes best Harley-Davidson marketing strategy?? Every company can have different ideas or philosophy. For example, a particular company can have its idea or philosophy that if the production is done on a large scale, the cost would be less

  • Ariel Marketing Case Study

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    Question 1 Ariel is using the “marketing concept”. They have determined the needs and wants of their consumers/customers. The product in want and need by the consumers is washing powder for washing clothes. This “Ariel” washing powder has been said to be better than the number one best selling washing powder and all their competitors washing powders. Ariel is constantly trying to better and improve their product for customer satisfaction and needs changing. They are improving their company by offering

  • Stakeholder Influence On Environmental Marketing

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    Environmental Marketing Environmental marketing has been in the public domain since the period of Rachel Carson’s critique “The Silent Spring” in 1963 and it has continued to heightened consumer awareness and concern over environmental matters till date around the world most especially in Europe and United states. Environmental marketing, which is also referred to as ‘green marketing’ (Charter, 1992; Ottman, 1993), ‘ecological marketing’ (Apaiwongse, 1994), ‘sustainable marketing (Van Dam and Apeldoorn