Swot Analysis Of Petrol Marketing

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RETAIL PETROLEUM MARKETING: PRESENT SCENARIO Today the marketing of petrol has changed from what it used to be in yester-years and hence petrol is on its way to transformation from being an “undifferentiated commodity” to a “branded product” (“Indian Petrol Industry – Towards Branded Fuels”. 2003. ICMR). Drastic changes (like opening up of the petrol market for private companies as well as for the international players and leaving the determination of petrol prices on the market forces) in the environment are again compelling the companies to revaluate and have a fresh outlook at their marketing strategies. Now, companies cannot survive just by adding to their distribution’s effectiveness and it has now become a small part of their overall marketing strategy. Hence, now the petrol selling companies are doing a lot of things as a part of marketing strategy, other than focusing only on distribution.  Why are the companies now going in with aggressive marketing? The answer lies in the need that has aroused because of the challenges posed by the…show more content…
Since they have not been in such conditions before, marketing is gaining importance for them. Also the Indian Petrol selling companies, being ‘public sector undertakings’ know that marketing is a relatively new area for them, while it (marketing) is the forte of private companies and especially multinationals. In order to survive and win in fierce competition, Indian petrol selling companies are more than eager to learn the new rules of the game. The whole paradigm shift in the Indian petrol market can be broadly classified under the following heads and these are the reasons that are compelling the companies to undertake marketing

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