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Executive Summary The topic of research for this Marketing Proposal is the decline of the brand Blackberry, in the telecommunication segment of the market. “Just three years ago, Blackberry had a market share of 70% among business customers in North America. This year that has dropped to 5%. Globally, its business market share has slipped to around 8% from 31% in 2010, according to IDC”. (Knutson, Boulton, & Connors, 2013). Blackberry went from one of the leading to one of the declining brands in the telecommunication segment. This research will consist of mainly exploratory and descriptive research in order to find out why are sales declining? Why does Blackberry not enjoy the same market share that it used to? Through the means of sampling,…show more content…
A management decision problem and a marketing decision problem. Management decision problem consists of questions that will help change and rectify the situation such as how to increase sales? While a marketing decision problem for Blackberry consists of How to make Blackberry in itself more appealing compared to its competitors such as IPhone and Nexus? What do the consumers want in a Blackberry when it comes to the applications and tools? What is the top priority in a smartphone that the target market wants to see and be able to use? What are the consumers’ expectations when it comes to a smartphone they prefer to use? Have consumers been affected by bad publicity or believe that Blackberry is not innovative anymore? One of the biggest problems might also include, as mentioned above, their change of target market to only corporation. Blackberry Ltd.’s last move to desert its consumer business and pay attention on selling products to companies is a risky bet that it can hang on to ground that is hurriedly eroding. Once consumers grew addicted to using other phones such as IPhones in their personal lives, they now wanted to be able to bring it and use it at work too, which again pushes Blackberry into the…show more content…
This research design’s main objectives would be Customer’s existing phone characteristics; Customers preference of mobile phone choice and which consumers should Blackberry focus their attention on? Starting off with exploratory research, which will include all informal research done to gain a better idea about the general nature of the problems. This can be done through secondary research. This strategy will help us gain an advantage from evaluating similar studies taken and learning from their results. The next research technique would be Conclusive research design, which will include descriptive research which will help us answer all questions of who, what, where, when and how but not why. This is where we will include our questionnaires and

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