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  • Ethical Issues In Marketing

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    Ethical Issues in Marketing In the past years, corporate ethics and societal responsibilities have developed vital importance especially in the marketing practices including social marketing practices. Corporates endeavor to highlight their contributions to the people. The people, on the other hand, being consumers are constantly assessing this input. Influencing consumer preferences and unethical marketing practices are likely to affect purchasing patterns, especially rapid competition, societal

  • Importance Of Relationship Marketing

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    Starting with the large organisations, it comes to assigning a value increasing the measures to promote the marketing and marketing relationship. The consumer is no longer just one more, and demand increasingly customised products. Thus, the marketing relationship has proved a valuable tool retention and customer loyalty. Within relationship marketing, the organisation seeks to apply the marketing mix: product, price, place and promotion according to the real desire and need for each client, through

  • Trap-Ease Mousetrap Marketing Strategy

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    Guided by the marketing strategy, the company designs an integrated marketing mix which consists of the four P’s that is product, price, place or distribution, and promotion. Firstly, product produces by the company. Currently, Trap-Ease has only manufactured one product that is the mousetrap, which is also known as the Trap-Ease mousetrap. This mousetrap is designed to allow customers to enjoy the means of dealing with mouse problem efficiently. Customers can be at ease by avoiding the safety and

  • Volkswagen Marketing Plan

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    Executive summary Marketing of new or existing business products is critical to the success of the business. Marketing a product require critical analysis of the different aspects in the market such as industry trends, business environmental analysis, completive analysis among other aspects in marketing. This report examines the marketing plan for Lamborghini car a product of Volkswagen Corporation. The first part of the report captures description of the product including the market needs that the

  • Examples Of Marketing Automation

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    Automation supports your company’s marketing department to streamline all your successful efforts, especially within a fast and sensitive time span, scaling up your initiatives across channels. Intuitively, marketing automation is the most sustainable and effective way to achieve scaled personalization, customer-centricity, and improved customers journeys and experiences. By adopting the right marketing technology and software, your communication goals can be speeded

  • Stakeholder Influence On Environmental Marketing

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    Environmental Marketing Environmental marketing has been in the public domain since the period of Rachel Carson’s critique “The Silent Spring” in 1963 and it has continued to heightened consumer awareness and concern over environmental matters till date around the world most especially in Europe and United states. Environmental marketing, which is also referred to as ‘green marketing’ (Charter, 1992; Ottman, 1993), ‘ecological marketing’ (Apaiwongse, 1994), ‘sustainable marketing (Van Dam and Apeldoorn

  • Advantages Of Online Marketing

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    Analyze which online marketing tool suits your business promotions? As we all know internet has become one of the principal source to gather information for everyone around us. Day after day people are relying on gaining information from different web sources. Users prefer to do quick and fast online searches for anything they want, instead of using the books, hardcopies or turning the pages of directories and newspapers. If you are an online marketer or having online business procedures, you must

  • Negative Effects Of Child Marketing

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    Our youth have been affected by child marketing for years, yet adults continue to let it pass by, without considering the effect it has. This utilization of the wonderful creation we call television needs to end. It has existed since the nineteenth century and big companies are still taking advantage of children, since they aren’t a very difficult target. After scrutinizing child marketing, it is obvious that it has a harmful effect on our children. With every passing year they are bombarded with

  • E-Marketing Literature Review

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    2.0 LITERATURE REVIEW 2.1 The Concept of “E-Marketplace” Electronic marketplace (e-marketplace) defined as an inter-organizational information system where sellers and buyers take part in some market to exchange information about product and price offerings (Standing et al., 2010). It acts as a trading platform where it does not involve in sell or buy goods, and service traded on the platform but support seller in establishing new business relationship through the trading platform. E-marketplaces

  • Difference Between Traditional And Traditional Marketing

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    Digital vs traditional marketing: Which is the better option? What is the difference between digital and traditional marketing? Well, in simple terms digital marketing focuses on the Internet while traditional marketing relies on conventional media such as television, print, direct mail, and radio to convey marketing messages to the public. Both strategies share the same goal of attracting customers and building more brand awareness in the market. The debate about which is the better option between