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COCA COLA 1/30/17 Introduction Coca Cola is known as soft drink of the world (Bell, 2004). Thanks to Dr. John Pemberton who has invested, he was a pharmacist in Atlanta, USA. The drink doesn’t have bubbles at that time and started selling at small shops. The first slogan of the new product was “Delicious and refreshing”. The company has been successful over the two centuries and has become an icon of the American culture has well to the part of the world. The purpose of this report is going to focus on the company marketing strategies and how they can satisfy their consumers and how they demand their business as it is analysed in Coca Cola of how their marketing and sales techniques can utilised and how they attract their purchasers…show more content…
The company has been updated of how they handle their products by creating new flavours to suit customers taste. They have $80+++billion worth of equity has the majority comes from the beverage industry as their income is from countries outside of United States. But people nowadays need to be healthy since it is 2017 as people are health conscious as the customers looking for healthy alternative drinks, as the company is making their efforts to make this mission successful in the near future. Social factors: Coca Cola distributes the majority of it’s products in cultured countries as they always meet the demand of their consumers for e.g. In Japan they have created 30 different flavours to suit for Japanese customers as well in China they have made similar efforts. Technological factors: Machinery has helped Coca Cola manufacture products in better and higher quantities. The company has used social media to communicate with their customers. When they first launched their name campaign by putting real names on their bottles. Customers have lined up to take photos of bottle with their name. These kind of photos are trendy on social media such Facebook, Instagram and…show more content…
They will try to show their status by drinking Coca Cola. The level of education is another factor that the company is paying attention to. The company can use advertisements to convey the company massage.  Targeting: The company is designed to suit consumers’ needs. It also provide drinks for all ages, sexes and different cultures and etc. Its’ primary target of Coca Cola is younger people between the age 10-25 compared with secondary market that target people from 25-40, the company products are mainly targeting towards consumers’ who would prefer a strong flavour. While others who are health conscious who want the same flavour but less carbonated as well to enjoy the taste.  Positioning: Jacob (2016) has he explain about Coke’s brand new slogan “taste the feeling” its’ position is becoming flavourless and bland. At the first glance new brand positioning is not a good decision when it comes to brand purpose. Coca-Cola is under CMO management of Marcos de Quinto, as his first act is to put the company back on the right track. In Quinto’s speech he seems to have problems in three different aspects: • Coke isn’t building the brand in a consistent

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