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  • Theories Of Consumer Behaviour

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    human behaviour that describes the actions of a consumer or a customer to the goods and services produced by the marketing organization, it shows how they react to the goods regarding their personality and many other factors. Consumer behaviour is a subject of human behaviour which deals with human actions that have direct bearing on the purchase and use of goods and service from marketing organizations (MKT322 2017). SIGMUND FREUD – author of the

  • Economic Factors That Affect The Macro Environment In Malaysia

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    According to the marketing environment concept is made up by several actors and forces outside marketing that affects the marketing management’s ability to build and maintain successful relationships with target customers. Macro environment being the larger societal factors consists of demographic, economic, natural, technological, political, and cultural that affects the micro environment. Stable economic growth between years 1995 to 2015 has changed the macro environment in Malaysia and this has

  • Btl Communication Strategy

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    organization business and marketing communications is a marketing technique, that companies are useing to sell products. Targeting a niche market using the BTL communication means.By BTL communication (promotion), you can build brand awareness through the sale or use all of the drives, and more personal way to provide an opportunity for the audience to personalize their marketing messages interactions by BTL. BTL promotions give a return of valuable information on marketing investment can be high

  • Yakult Case Study

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    there are many different departments which help the company to run their daily, routine transaction to conduct the business such as Finance and Accounting Department, Production Department, Logistic Control Department, Human Resource Department and Marketing Department. These departments are very important to ensure the operations are performed well. Every department has its own functions and are all inter-related. For example, production department needs to order and buy the raw material and logistics

  • Client Relationship Management Case Study

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    for that. Until recently, sellers fixed attention on selling product to as many people as possible, so the sellers focused on mass marketing. Then, segments of customers received the proposals adjusted to the personal needs, and it gave the target marketing with selective approach. In the 1990s there has been an arise of relationship marketing, also called 1:1 marketing with focus on two-way dialog

  • Essay On Cultural Tourism

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    As a marketing tool, social media is rapidly viewed as an evaluation medium for travelers’ experiences (Morosan et al, 2014 as cited in Öz, 2015) Social media can be used in a long-term cultural tourism marketing strategy for WTS travels to rebrand themselves as a reliable and effective cultural travel agency, and create a demand for WTS travel services. The

  • Importance Of Austrian Tourism Industry

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    Ritz-Carlton Vienna, Hotel Topazz and Hotel Lamée by Lenikus, as well as 25hours Hotels have established themselves in the capital. Austria has growth potential in reserve for tourism investments. Its image as a tourism destination is becoming stronger as marketing coordination increases. Private and public initiatives are on the right track to stimulate innovative tourism developments and to improve the quality of life and of travel for locals and tourists

  • Social Media Impact On Tourism

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    Facebook has been a means by which many individuals and business have been marketing themselves. It has given people the power to share and stay connected as well as make the world more open (Zuckerberg, 2004). Twitter is a micro-blogging website that was launched in 13 July 2006, primarily excellent for current events and crisis

  • Segway Ap Case Study

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    Q1 After Segway PT launched on 2001, the “Technological Marvel” failed to create the revolution and to be the new way for people in their own movements and the new generation of transportation and it ended up in police departments, tour groups, warehouse workers, mall security guards and airport maintenance staff. The expectations were that Segway PT would change the way cities been built with, to reach 1 billion dollars of sales faster than any another company and buy more than 500,000 units per

  • Branding Vs Intangible Branding

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    Branding is considered as marketing concept and it is defined as the things that are related to the product or service that helps the company to differentiate itself to other companies (Hankinson and Cowking, 1993). In term of structure, a brand consists of two elements, namely tangible branding and intangible branding, according to Czinkota and Ronkainen (2004). The tangible refers to the name of the brand when the people call particular product or service. The intangible is considered as symbol