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  • Barriers Of Reading Comprehension

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    1. INTRODUCTION This section will introduce; the orientation of the study, the statement of the problem, research questions, significance of the study, limitation of the study as well as definitions of terms. 1.1 Background of the study First language is the most important tool for thinking, and communication as well as aspects of identity (Namibia, Ministry of Education and Culture [MBEC] 2009). Learners will become more fluent in the first language provided they have a high and good level of communication

  • My Brilliant Career: Stella Maria Miles Franklin

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    accomplishment, All That Swagger, was not appropriated until 1936. She was focused on the advancement of an exceptionally Australian type of writing, and she effectively sought after this objective by supporting scholars, abstract diaries, and essayists' associations. She has had a durable effect on Australian abstract life through her gift of a noteworthy yearly prize for writing about "Australian Life in any of its phases",

  • American National Culture Analysis

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    Originally, these students wrote, The Fugitive, as an escape from the sentimentality of most writing about the South. However, in the mid-1920s they decided to become deeply involved in their southern identity and became committed to better the literature of the South. In the next decades Tennessee began to draw in writers from all over America, and it was second only to Harvard in publishing writings from famous artist during this time. A critical improvement to literature from Tennessee was the

  • Flowers For Algernon: Questions And Answers

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    i CAN LOOK FOR FORESHADOWING. How do I focus and organize my writing to clearly and effectively communicate my ideas to the reader? Put them in chronological order. Ask questions to the reader. How can I use knowledge of the structure and context of language to acquire, clarify and appropriately use vocabulary? You

  • Reflective Essay In English

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    because I knew it course mainly focused on writing skills. Writing is the weakest part of me among the four domains, namely reading, writing, listening and speaking. When I studied in the secondary school, I usually scored low marks or even failed in my essays. Therefore, I was so scared that I would face the same situation that in the secondary school. However, I would still hope that I could get improvement from this course. As this course focused on writing part, unlike the English lessons in secondary

  • Sherman Alexie Analysis

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    know they aren't the only ones. Sherman Alexie is a Native American novelist, short story, filmmaker and poet. Alexie is a writer who targets young adults and teens who had a terrible childhood and he wants to give them comfort. Alexies style of writing is straightforward and uncensored. He is straightforward and uncensored because he’s not afraid to write about harsh topics such as rape, killing, blood, and poverty. Alexie could

  • Importance Of Verbal Communication

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    1. Designing a training package to handle verbal and non-verbal communications within your department and the F & B outlet Our team should focus on making all the employees having effective communication skills and organize a week of training programme by the business communication department to lessen the complaints and negative comments that the hotel gets. This mainly involves the F & B employees who deal with the customers daily. To meet the exact needs of the guest and turning the

  • Essay About Language Skills

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    how can we develop them? When we learn a language, there are four core skills that we need which are writing, reading, listening and speaking. We need to develop these major skills for English if we would like to learn English. There are many ways to improve your level of English through your own style practicing, and I also have my own style to develop my skills. Firstly, hobbies can affect my writing skill. Refer to a blog of MARELISA which mention that having a hobby is not just a way to pass the

  • Analysis Of Stephen King's Different Seasons

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    Stein are all centered around Stephen King’s Different Seasons and provide different approaches to research writing. To start off, I'd like to look at Deacy’s writing. For starters, when reading this journal about shawshank, I was thinking that this person must have been very educated simply because of his writing style. This did make him seem credible as he used more of a complex way of writing as seen in the other two sources. However, this was somewhat harmful since I had a very hard time following

  • L2 Writing Skills In Writing

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    Second language (L2) writing has always been a difficult area for second language learners and a interesting topic for second language researchers. Research on the L2 writing process has begun to thrive since the early 1980s. L2 writing is a complex process of discovery which involves brainstorming, multiple drafting, feedback practices, revision, and final editing. It is different from L1 writing, because L2 writers have more than one language at their disposal (Wang & Wen, 2002). There are two