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  • Creative Writing: Things Fall Apart

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    As the silence stretched on and more tears spilled down Amaimon's face the severity of the facts that his brother's refusal to answer outright screamed, sunk in. His eyes widened slightly and he stared just for a moment out the window at the head of his office "...I'm y-your...."'first...Samael...his very first, you took the last thing he had to himself and crushed it, just for your own sick purposes....' Why did that fact hurt. Why now did it change things. He had liked the idea of

  • Creative Writing: Today Is The Day I Die

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    Prologue Today is the day I die. Looking out on the battlefield makes me shutter, The slight fog in the air swirls around lazily, dampening my face, the morning sun reflecting through it giving an odd luminescence to the clearing that separates the city from the surrounding forest. The forest of peace we call it, how laughably absurd. Large shadows, incorporeal and elusive settle at the bottom of the Luminescence in the distance... Writhing, twisting, screaming, crying... I could almost

  • Creative Writing: Cruising The Convict Burial Wards

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    Nobody knew I did that, cruising the convict burial grounds, checking those from the eighteen hundreds, seeking the tombstones’ stains, for the cursed’s characteristics. Stacey would never set foot in that ward again and she consoled me to do the same. Ward C, New England psychiatric doctor’s facility. That is the place it happened, however not just simply that ward. Different wards were haunted, as well. More infected than haunted but still unsettling nonetheless. Uncle Frank lit another cigarette

  • Creative Writing: An Inspector Calls: A Narrative Fiction

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    “What are you going to do?” he inquired. “I am not sure,” she whispered. “I need more time!” “Well, let me know when you decide,” he said harshly, turning his back to walk away. “You know what,” she started. “I think I do know what I shall do, David.” “Oh, yes. And what would that be, Sheila?” he retorted sarcastically, turning back to face her. When he did he was struck with horror as Sheila lifted an axe over her head. “This, you insufferable asshole!” she screamed, bringing the axe down on

  • Mahatma Gandhi's Travel Writing

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    Kakashae b Kalelkar who was deeply influenced by Gandhian philosophy, produced a remar kable volume of travel writing which has its important place in Indian Bhasha lite rature in general. The need and curiosity of visiting places within the country was intensified during this time. Gandhi appealed the writers to go amidst people, be part o f them and write thereafter rather than elitist writing done from sitting in one place . Travel writers also welcomed this appeal and thus kept realistic narration

  • My Weakness In My Writing

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    The biggest writing weakness I had before English 100 ,was not knowing what to write about or how to organize my ideas when I write, before I would just write whatever came to mind not organizing my ideas first,I challenged with writing a thesis and reflecting it to my whole essay without being redundant. Some beginning of term goals were to not to procrastinate get my work done without pushing it off until another time.Another one of my goals were to study more.One of my bigest writing goals was

  • Write-Rinse: Improving My Writing Skills

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    with respect to the review process of completing a college writing assignment. I am subsequently no longer clueless; therefore, upon having my paper graded and returned, I will now begin to polish the positive aspects of my writing skills, as well as evaluate and improve upon the aspects of those skills in need of an upgrade. Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing professor who just happens to be impressively passionate about writing and English as a study. As such, I find myself with not

  • Personal Narrative: Improving My Writing

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    In order to improve my writing, I will need to make a number of changes to both structure and grammar. One of the first changes I will need to make is about my thesis statement. It does not include the three parts needed and it does not make a very strong argument. Another skill I will need to improve is the length of my paragraphs. Although my paragraphs make good points and follow along with their advanced organizers, they do not contain a sufficient amount of sentences. Next time I write, I will

  • Personal Reflective Analysis

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    preliminary paper in which I first evaluated myself. From reviewing my critiqued reflection paper, the weaknesses and strengths I possess have been more accentuated for me to evaluate and revise more competently. When I began this semester I believed writing and grammar came fairly easy and straightforward to me; nonetheless, it became clear to me that there were quite a few grammar techniques I did not know nor was aware of using properly. A substantial weakness I appear to have is wording sentences

  • English 111 Thesis Statement Analysis

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    their degree requirements. One such mandatory class is Freshman Writing, commonly known as English 111. Students are expected to be able to verbalize their thoughts in all classes in which they are enrolled; so being able to write effectively is a necessity! Devoting a class early in one’s college career can ensure that the requisite skills are learned and refined prior to entering into a specified course of study. To record my writing, I own a MacBook Air, and I consider myself to be fairly computer