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  • Creative Writing: Today Is The Day I Die

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    Prologue Today is the day I die. Looking out on the battlefield makes me shutter, The slight fog in the air swirls around lazily, dampening my face, the morning sun reflecting through it giving an odd luminescence to the clearing that separates the city from the surrounding forest. The forest of peace we call it, how laughably absurd. Large shadows, incorporeal and elusive settle at the bottom of the Luminescence in the distance... Writhing, twisting, screaming, crying... I could almost

  • Creative Writing: Cruising The Convict Burial Wards

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    Nobody knew I did that, cruising the convict burial grounds, checking those from the eighteen hundreds, seeking the tombstones’ stains, for the cursed’s characteristics. Stacey would never set foot in that ward again and she consoled me to do the same. Ward C, New England psychiatric doctor’s facility. That is the place it happened, however not just simply that ward. Different wards were haunted, as well. More infected than haunted but still unsettling nonetheless. Uncle Frank lit another cigarette

  • Creative Writing: An Inspector Calls: A Narrative Fiction

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    “What are you going to do?” he inquired. “I am not sure,” she whispered. “I need more time!” “Well, let me know when you decide,” he said harshly, turning his back to walk away. “You know what,” she started. “I think I do know what I shall do, David.” “Oh, yes. And what would that be, Sheila?” he retorted sarcastically, turning back to face her. When he did he was struck with horror as Sheila lifted an axe over her head. “This, you insufferable asshole!” she screamed, bringing the axe down on

  • My Writing Experience

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    I never much paid attention to anything that was outside the sphere of math and science. The arts did not really interest me, so I gravitated towards the intellectual rather than creative. In my sophomore year of high school, however, I decided to enter in a writing competition in school. Though writing was never something I considered as a talent, a managed to get second place and a scholarship that lasted throughout my junior year of high school. This achievement, the minor when put into context

  • Mark Doty: Poem Analysis

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    Reasons to write When I was in elementary school, literature was always my favorite field of study, I used to get good grade in writing all the time. Writing is fun, sometimes puts me in emotional feeling, or even bring me back to the time, to something I really interested about. The other kids said they don't like essay, it gives them headache, too much of idea to look up for. Wondered why some people love to write so much? Could it be a puzzle for them, is it just to kill time or they just do

  • Voice In Dead Poets Society

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    your voice seems like a simple thing to do, but is it? In the movie Dead Poets Society deals with finding your own voice in order to express yourself in a better way in writing and speaking. In the book, How to Become a Straight A Student, Cal Newport focused on the writing process and how the most important part is not the writing itself but the thinking process. In order to become a strong writer you need to find your voice and know how to express it in words, have different views or perspectives

  • Why I Write Me Analysis

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    Paul Tillich is saying that being lonely is a fear many people have, but being in a state of solitude is sometimes needed for oneself, also to give one the strength to do something they love, such as writing. Like Paul Tillich, George Orwell and James Baldwin express in both “Why I Write” and “The Creative Process” the idea of being alone. James Baldwin argues that “Perhaps the primary distinction of the artist is that he must actively cultivate the state which most men, necessarily, must avoid; the

  • Personal Narrative: Improving Grammar Skills

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    to improve my writing. When she told me what my weakness were it gave me a great chance to strength my writing skills by looking at my weakness. I need to improve on different areas such as grammar and how to be creative in my writing. I think the best solution to improve my grammar skills is practicing online and going over the basic grammar skills. In the future I will make sure that I proof read a lot in order to help me become a better writer. I personally think that my writing strength is having

  • Doolittle Influences

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    Doolittle would have been quite popular if she were alive today. Be that as it may, her pen name isn’t the only reason this exquisite woman should be well-known. Born in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania on the tenth of September in 1886, Hilda Doolittle was a creative mind raised by her astronomy professor father and artist mother. Despite the fact her father and grandfather both belonged to the more logical, left-brained parts of life, she chose the life of a writer. The poetry of Hilda Doolittle, which was influenced

  • Analysis Of Mr. Lan Serolf Flores's Weaknesses In Writing

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    is like writing, you need to be self-motivated for you to succeed. Showing encouragement to what you are doing can help you to have an amusing output. In writing, strengths can be the powerful tool, you just need to maintain it and continue searching for your hidden strengths. Every writer has their own strengths and weaknesses to improve and to develop. Mr. Lan Serolf Flores must know how to improve and turn his weaknesses into strengths to be able to achieve an excellent work in writing. This modification