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  • Essay On Why I Hate Writing

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    I have never been the type of person who enjoys writing, in fact, for most of my life I've hated it. Through the years English has always been my least favorite subject because of my distaste for writing essays. I would always put off starting my essays until the day before, and because of that my grades would suffer. It wasn't until senior year of high school that I started actually trying to better myself as a writer. One of the essays that had a meaningful effect on me as a writer is my I believe

  • ESL Writing Strategies

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    The role of writing strategies in the process of writing has become more and more important and differences between more and less proficient learners have been found in the number and range of strategies used, in how the strategies are applied to the task, and in appropriateness of the strategies for the tasks (Chien, 2010; Hu & Chen, 2007; Mu & Carrington, 2007; Ridhuan & Abdullah, 2009). This implies the interplay of a number of components for successful application of writing strategies. Having

  • Life Lesson: My Journey As A Writer

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    play out accordingly to our plans. Another lesson I learned fairly quickly is that writing is a pain in the ass and it hurts. It hurts heads, feelings, and asses. While I’m up at 2 am finishing a paper I probably should’ve started three days prior, I realize my head hurts from thinking, my feelings are hurt from how awful it is, and my ass hurts from sitting for several hours and writing all day. Much like life, writing can also be exasperating and problematic. I know what you’re probably thinking

  • Creative Writing: Running Through The Woods

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    Sandra was running through the woods after just escaping the bullies at her school.Sandra started to slow down after she stopped hearing them come after her.As she was slowing she was looking behind her just in case she could have been wrong.Right before she could come to a final stop to catch a breath she ran into someone or something.She falls to the ground and picks herself up and looks to see what she hit.When she looked she was speachless for the longest time.Then finally she started to scream

  • Creative Writing: The Three Musketeers

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    The Three Musketeers I ran across the basketball courts, the cold rain stinging my skin. I smiled as my shivering body was greeted by the warm room and affectionate librarian. “Good Morning, Perpetual!” She referred to my seemingly never-ending smile. “Good Morning!” I replied blithely, plopping my backpack down in the ‘forbidden section.’ This was actually where all the fairytales were, but was so named by three ardent Harry Potter fans who thought it sounded more magical that way. Layla

  • Creative Writing: The Vampire Slayer

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    This is never ending... Old Mrs Clayton droned on about something involving the revolution, her words slowly fading away in the background while Xander zoned out. Nothing new on his behalf, in fact he was surprised he'd made it this far in his academics considering most of his time was spent daydreaming rather than actually learning. Though today was different, today his attention wasn't just elsewhere, it was with Buffy. He hadn't heard a single peep from her since that night at Angel's mansion

  • Creative Writing: Empire Island

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    When I opened my eyes, I was immediately confused. The first thing I noticed was the dingy wooden planks. Half of them looked like they would fall off any minute. As my gaze traveled I noticed great white sails and at the top of a mast, I saw a black flag with a skull on it. Then I the realization hit me. I was on a boat. But why? As I sat on the same wooden planks I had woken up on, I kept becoming more and more confused. I could not figure out why I, Princess Milena of Yeston, was on this dingy

  • Creative Writing: Is It Worth The Road?

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    An orange road closed sign stood straight ahead on the way towards Colesburg, Iowa, at the stop sign by the church; however, she continued driving with no sign of hesitation showing on her face. About two miles outside of Luxemburg, we came across black ice as headed up a small hill. Our vehicle slid across the black ice and span out of control. “What is happening?” questioned Haley. “Hold on. It will be okay,” replied Grace still showing no concern or worry. “I’m scared,” Haley screamed.

  • Creative Writing: The Cold War

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    “Hey James?” Tomas said as he stepped into the hovering helicopter with his rifle close to him. “What is it Tomas?” James spitted. “We are supposed to be silent!” James said. James also stepped in the helicopter and gave the signal to the pilot and they began to ascend into the sky. “Ok men,” said their Sergeant. “I need clean and fast kills for this mission, you need to infiltrate the enemy base and eliminate the Terrorist, and get out of there without being seen.” Tomas and James looked at

  • Creative Writing: Emperor Maximian

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    “You should have never been here, my dear. I am afraid you are just some pawn to discredit your grandfather,” he says, looking at the scroll in my hand. “It says it all on the scroll. Proof of your lineage, I nod while looking at the scroll. Lines and names. Some faded, even though I know there is much more to why I am here in this cell in these lines. I hear the click of metal on metal, and the door is unlocked. Emperor Maximian helps me with the door, its weight a bit much for one person to push