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I never much paid attention to anything that was outside the sphere of math and science. The arts did not really interest me, so I gravitated towards the intellectual rather than creative. In my sophomore year of high school, however, I decided to enter in a writing competition in school. Though writing was never something I considered as a talent, a managed to get second place and a scholarship that lasted throughout my junior year of high school. This achievement, the minor when put into context, altered what I thought of the arts. I feel I excel best in STEM courses, as those capture my attention the most. I do well in all my classes, but for half of my time in high school, I viewed English as a mandatory class and not something I can pursue in a professional context. I of course love reading all kinds of fictional stories, especially original pieces from amateurs on the internet. It just was never something I thought I could do myself if it was not school related. Despite this, I decided to give this writing contest a try.…show more content…
Therese of Lisieux Writing Contest had only ever been hosted once before in my school. The prompt was: If you could have dinner with any historical figure, dead or alive, real or fictional, who would it be and why? It was a pretty broad topic, which I liked, because I felt it allowed for more options as to who I could chose to write about. Following my interest in science, I wrote about the acclaimed but controversial neurologist Sigmund Freud. I gave context into my interests in psychology, neuroscience, and dream analysis, and how Freud’s studies, though disputed, inspire me to dive deeper into the complexities of the human psyche. In short, I wrote about what I liked, and it won me second place in the contest and a $500

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