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  • Creative Writing: Young Louie Zamperini

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    Young Louie Zamperini is the troublemaker of his town, running like the wind, and dreaming of hopping on a train and leaving town for good. His older brother Pete manages to turn his life around, translating Louie's love of running into track and field. Louie running records, goes to the 1936 berlin games, and is pushed by his brother to beat his record four minute mile. Louise has to put his running days on hold when the Second World War breaks out. Louise fills out a army questionnaire and forgets

  • Creative Writing: The Fault In Our Star

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    It's the place where you stop the story." Writing a unique yet interesting novel ending is tricky, especially when the writer needs to consider the different aspects of the story. Another thing the writer must consider is his or her target audience, since it is impossible to please everyone. Lastly, the structure of the plot must be taken into account, since this is what sets the novel apart from others. However, the ending is where one can truly see the writing prowess of an author for it can be regarded

  • Creative Writing: Deerpath Middle School

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    The bell rung and everyone was dismissed, I left the room and made my way down the bustling hallways of Deerpath Middle School. “Hey! Caitlin! Go get your stuff and then meet us back on the first floor!” Joss yelled over the crowds of people exiting the building. I ran up the stairs and grabbed my bag as fast as possible and ran back downstairs to meet up with everyone. “Are you guys ready to go?”, Gabby asked… “Yeah, let’s get on the move.” I responded back to Gabby. As soon as we exited the school

  • Creative Writing: The Wall That Ruined Everything

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    The Wall that Ruined Everything On August 13, 1961 at midnight, it happens. There is a banging noise outside. I get onto the ladder of the bunk bed I sleep on and climb down. I accidentally step on a toy that was left on the ground by my younger siblings. I could hear my little sister Anna breathing deeply as she sleeps at the bottom bunk. I walk to the door. I slightly open the door to see if anyone is outside. All of the lights are off. I open the door and walk out. I quietly down the stairs.

  • Creative Writing: The Immigrant During The Depression

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    I wanted to enter their conversation, but I felt I hadn’t earned the right to speak with veterans. I wanted to say that it sounded like those who live through the depression knew what they needed. They wanted their communities to be made of the humble elements: metal, wheat, muscle, and family. “How strong would we be if our generation had turned out like our grandparents?” Dad said. “We didn’t turn out too bad – I didn’t any way,” John said. The two men grinned at each other. “Glad I made it back

  • Creative Writing: A Typical Day At Santa Catalina

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    A Typical Day at Santa Catalina Can you imagine being at a boarding camp for the first five weeks of summer? Well I can. 7:30 wake up call the we head down to the dining hall for breakfast at 8:00. Then, just like school we would head down to our morning classes. Unlike most elementary schools we only had 6 periods a day. Musical theatre, diving, and ukulele are only a sample of classes I attended. Over all my favorite class was musical theatre. I love to act. The rush you get when you are being

  • Creative Writing: The Junior B Team

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    Deep breath. Focus. Eyes forward-watching, waiting. The man pulls the trigger and Aomine leaps and begins running. His running shoes grab at the track, giving him traction, keeping him balanced as he turns the corner. He begins sprinting now, full speed until he crosses the white line on the ground and slows, panting. His best friend, Wakamatsu, crosses a few moments after, grinning. Coach Harasawa was waiting for them with his stopwatch in hand. “I’m moving you boys up to the Junior B team. See

  • Creative Writing: Things Fall Apart

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    As the silence stretched on and more tears spilled down Amaimon's face the severity of the facts that his brother's refusal to answer outright screamed, sunk in. His eyes widened slightly and he stared just for a moment out the window at the head of his office "...I'm y-your...."'first...Samael...his very first, you took the last thing he had to himself and crushed it, just for your own sick purposes....' Why did that fact hurt. Why now did it change things. He had liked the idea of

  • Creative Writing: The Day That Changed My Life

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    *** June 24, 2009. The day it all started. I was told to meet James by the woods. So, I wore a black skater dress hiding my thighs, thinking it was a second date or something. We have been together for about a year. I felt his green eyes looking at me, as I nervously played with my hands. My legs started to shake faster and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The silence between us started to overpower. I tried to lean in for a kiss, but he slowly drifted away. I could hear my heart shatter

  • Creative Writing: All Quiet On The Western Front

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    I was walking through the cold, dark forest when i heard a rustle of leaves to my right. I looked and saw nothing. I continued down the path. I was on my way home from a friends house. My mother had always told me to never go home through the forest alone. It had gotten dark though and I had needed to get home and this was the fastest route. About 5 minutes later I heard the rustle again. I turned around only to see a tall man coming towards me. I started to panic. I tried to run the opposite