Creative Writing: Today Is The Day I Die

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Prologue Today is the day I die. Looking out on the battlefield makes me shutter, The slight fog in the air swirls around lazily, dampening my face, the morning sun reflecting through it giving an odd luminescence to the clearing that separates the city from the surrounding forest. The forest of peace we call it, how laughably absurd. Large shadows, incorporeal and elusive settle at the bottom of the Luminescence in the distance... Writhing, twisting, screaming, crying... I could almost hear their hearts breaking. I was well aware of what waited for me in the mist, ten thousand angry, hateful, vengeful demons howling for my blood, and the blood of my race. Demons are emotional creatures, fiercely loyal, and strong enough…show more content…
Like I said though, I'm stupid, even if it would take me hundreds of years just to be an average mage I still pursued it hoping against hope there could be a way. A twinge of regret came unbidden into the forefront of my mind, so many missed opportunities, so much I wanted to learn, so many women I could have had A wistful smile appeared on my lips so many MORE women" Running towards the elegant demon I could feel the heat deepen, sweat started to pour from my head into my face, the dry air surrounding him was brutal, like standing near a forge fire. Each step I took was agony, I could feel my armor getting uncomfortably hot, the metal pole of my warhammer was glowing red. I was almost to the range where unleashing the hammer strike would almost always be fatal, one more step, but that last step was hell. I activated Unbreakable mind to fortify myself against the searing pain that nearly brought me to knees

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