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  • History 1301 Reflection

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    I took two days planning my essay, one day ensuring my evidence behind each point was valid, and five hours writing and editing the actual essay. I am not very confident, so I was genuinely surprised to receive a 100. In contrast to my success, one assignment I struggled with was the final exam. I did not prepare myself enough, and my results proved it. I should

  • Yahwist Source Analysis

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    I find myself drawn to the final form of the flood story in Genesis as I begin my first in depth exegetical writing. At first glance the story seems oddly laid out with its change in flow from God to Lord, concrete to abstract, and from God’s personal relationship to Noah to a more distant, omnipotent one. I began to separate the verses based on these observations by notating a “P” for Priestly source or a “J” for Yahwist source. Afterward, I compared my segregated pieces of the story to that of

  • Textual Analysis Examples

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    The Executive Assistant for the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers is responsible for writing and creating documents such as, Memos, Collective Bargaining, and Spreadsheets. Each document has a useful significance to the day-to-day work involved in the NFL, (National Football League). Karianne Hawkins, Executive Assistant for the Head Coach of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Lovie Smith; interviewed with me via Face Time to discuss what documents she handles daily. Every day, almost everyone working

  • Renee Vivien And The Ladies Of The Lake Analysis

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    The first article, “Renee Vivien and the Ladies of the Lake” by Tama Lea Engelking, varies greatly from the second article. The first source is not only longer but provides information about the story itself. It provides the author’s name, where the source could be originally found from, and a works cited. However, the second source doesn’t have any additional information that can test its legitimacy. The source doesn’t even have who the author of the article is. Without an author, the work cannot

  • Reflection Paper: Why Are All The Black Kids Sitting Together In The Classroom

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    During my junior year of high school, my English III teacher assigned to me one of the most important assignments that would affect me not only inside of the classroom, but also outside of it. The task to read twenty books in addition to books we were reading as a class. I originally thought this would be a daunting task with me reading twenty fiction books of endless love stories; however, that was not the case. I began the year reading fiction; however, I then decided I wanted a change. On our

  • Essential Elements Of A Thesis Statement

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    represents what the paper is going to be about. While a thesis statement is usually the essential part of the paper, it can change. It is important to have a clear thesis before you start writing. A thesis statement is usually one sentence, but can vary depending on the complexity of the subject. While writing your thesis statement, it is important to remember that you don’t want to have just a topic, but instead haven an opinion on the topic. Your job is to sway the audience reading the paper.

  • How To Write A Semicolon Essay

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    summarization, there will be discussions about the general problems with the semicolon, the explained proper use of the semicolon and its actual everyday use in this generation. Firstly, the semicolon is known for being hard to use in any type of writing. The first huge problem with the semicolon

  • The Written Word Mind Grazing Summary

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    “The Written Word, Mind-Grazing and The Binding Commitment” During my study of early Howard Thurman, I already acclaimed his authorship. Through his education, speaking engagements also his travels; one could sense the papers, books that was inside him. There was so much more he had to say that could not be done in sermons, speeches etc. However, in “The Written Word,” a series of lectures for the American Friends’ Service Committee at Howard University changed how he thought of himself

  • Freshmen Year Research Paper

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    Cole Worden Mrs. Thompson English 101 Period 2 29 September 2015 Is Writing Education Important? After successfully completing three and a half years of high school I can say that freshmen year is the hardest year in high school. Some people might say that Junior or Senior year are the most difficult because those two years are the years teachers and family members expect students to define the path they would like to take after high school. However, I believe that freshmen year is the most difficult

  • What Is The Influence Of American Individualism

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    American Literature and the ability to think separately from others helped make America for what it is. It a falls together, a new view of the world and creation of it had began to evolve, no longer was the puritan way of the early colonists belief that God was the center of everything, but that “each individual could his or her own spiritual destiny.” Thank God! Science, psychology and religion were all part of the makings of the universe some thought. The philosophers emphasized the reasons