Creative Writing: An Inspector Calls: A Narrative Fiction

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“What are you going to do?” he inquired. “I am not sure,” she whispered. “I need more time!” “Well, let me know when you decide,” he said harshly, turning his back to walk away. “You know what,” she started. “I think I do know what I shall do, David.” “Oh, yes. And what would that be, Sheila?” he retorted sarcastically, turning back to face her. When he did he was struck with horror as Sheila lifted an axe over her head. “This, you insufferable asshole!” she screamed, bringing the axe down on David’s shoulder, causing blood to spurt everywhere on the moist walls of the dark cave they were travelling in. “Why would you do this!” David screeched as he fell to the floor. “For killing everyone I loved, you prick,” she replied, spitting of his face…show more content…
I walk up to the stone walls of the mouth of the cave. “David? Is that you?” I called into the cave, hearing nothing but my voice echo back to me. “David, if this is a prank, you need to stop. We agreed to do some serious business!” I yelled again. Against my better judgement I entered the cave, the vines hanging in the entrance blocking most of the light. I keep going, occasionally hearing a scraping sound, like teeth dragging across bone. The farther I go, the colder and darker it gets. I soon can not see my hands in front of my face. I stretch out my arms to feel for a wall, hoping that it can lead me out of this horrid place. “David? Where are you?” I call out again, hearing nothing, not even an echo. I take two more steps and walk into something hanging from the ceiling. It is wet but warm, unlike the rest of the cave. I try to step around it, hoping and praying it is not what I think it is. But I only manage to run into more, no matter where I try to go. “Glad you could join us, Sheila,” a voice ever so slightly deeper than David’s called out. “Us? D-david? Is… is that you?” I say, bumping into another hanging figure, my entire body shaking with

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