Analysis Of Mr. Lan Serolf Flores's Weaknesses In Writing

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Life is like writing, you need to be self-motivated for you to succeed. Showing encouragement to what you are doing can help you to have an amusing output. In writing, strengths can be the powerful tool, you just need to maintain it and continue searching for your hidden strengths. Every writer has their own strengths and weaknesses to improve and to develop. Mr. Lan Serolf Flores must know how to improve and turn his weaknesses into strengths to be able to achieve an excellent work in writing. This modification is hard to do if he can’t recognize his strengths from weaknesses in writing. The first thing he should know is his abilities and inabilities as a writer. Strength can be defined as the quality or state of being strong. Mr. Lan Serolf Flores has multiple strengths as a writer. First, he can and he likes to write novels, short stories and research papers.…show more content…
Aside from strengths, he also has weaknesses in writing. He is lack of vocabulary and his grammar is weak. Another is, he was easily distracted by the things that surround him when he is in the state of thinking and writing. Also, time pressured affects his writing, Improving and turning his weaknesses into strengths in writing is not that easy, he needs to work on hard. He needs to engage himself into reading dictionaries, academic books, and other reading materials for him to meet vocabulary words and correct grammar. And, he needs to know his priorities as a writer and give time for practicing yourself in writing with time limit. In summary, at all times there are ways to carry out our weaknesses into strengths. Each writer has their own potencies and impotency, but a skillful writer is the one who can deal with it. Mr. Lan Serolf Flores has the ability of being a good writer by showing encouragement, hard work, and patience in seeking or pursuing his goals in writing. In addition, giving love on what you are doing can give you surpassing

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