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  • Importance Of Housing Finance

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    such a venture hence the need for loans, though the repayment period is long term. (http//finance urban housing.mht) Many African countries despite having recognized the economic and social importance of housing finance, it often remains undeveloped. The low levels of lending reflected depict that small numbers of individuals can afford it due to the high cost of housing compared to the income earned. (UN habitat, 2003) Therefore the role that a financial system plays in an economy is to channel

  • Disadvantages Of Trade Finance

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    of goods. Trade finance signifies financing available for the importers and exporters to fund their business cycle. For example, Power Industries in Switzerland exports gasoline to Speed Oil in South Africa for electricity generation and transportation. Here, Power Industries is the exporter and Speed Oil is the importer of gasoline. Speed Oil trades through City bank, which is a pioneer in corporate banking services. This course focuses on the role of a bank in trade finance, various payment

  • Reflection On Principle Of Finance

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    In this semester, I have learned many knowledge from this subject called Principle of Finance. This is the first semester of my Degree so it’s also the first time I get to know this subject. It’s quite challenging for me as I don’t know much about financing and honestly I’m still not very clear what have I learned in this semester. Financial management means how to manage and utilization of funds to accomplish the company goals efficiently and effectively. Malaysia financial system divided into 3

  • Overconfidence In Corporate Finance

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    the research will be reviewed. First, the value creation of the mergers and acquisitions will be discussed. After explaining the overconfidence concept from the psychology view, the hubris theory and the overconfidence in the content of corporate finance will be discussed. In the end of this section, the measures of the overconfidence and the hypotheses derived based on the literature views will be proposed. 2.1. M&A and Value Creation Mergers and acquisitions transaction are conducted when two

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Project Finance

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    Project finance transactions are required for the smooth functioning of the organizations. Capital is the soul of an organization and in order to invest the same there can be two ways i.e. equity fund or borrowed fund. It is needed for the smooth functioning to bridge the financial gap but as everything has its advantages and disadvantages, project financing may also include various issues on the part of parties to agreement. Undoubtedly it is advantageous for a firm but on the same hand needs various

  • Personal Finance: The Importance Of Money Management

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    detail about financial activity tracking. It is certainly the key to successfully managing your personal finances. Here, we will describe the concept of personal finances, as well as present the importance of money management. We will then describe the process of tracking your expenses and then discuss the advantages that you gain out of this exercise. What is Personal Finance? The term personal finance refers to the application of financial principles on the monetary decisions taken by individuals. The

  • Importance Of Finance In Business

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    Finance is the backbone of any business. Hence it is rightly known as the art and science of managing monetary resources of a business concern and is extremely important for the survival of a business entity. It plays an important role, right from the generation of the business idea to its day-to-day functioning and up to the liquidation stage of a business. Finance helps in procurement of various resources such as raw materials, machinery and equipment, human resources etc. and helps to maintain

  • Disadvantages Of Equity Finance

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    services. Equity finance provides that leverage to the management to continuously focus on fulfilling their core objectives. It keeps management away from the hassles of raising funds again and again like other sources of financing viz. debt. Debt is raised and paid back over a period of time. NO OBLIGATORY DIVIDEND PAYMENTS Equity finance for a new company is like blessings of an angel. The main limitation of a new company is the uncertainty of cash flows. Equity mode of finance gives management

  • Finance Commission Function

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    the center . The Finance Commission Act of 1951 states the terms of Qualification , appointment and disqualification , the term , eligibility and the power of the finance commission . As per the constitution , the commission is appointed every five years and consists of a chairman and four other members . Since the constitution of the first finance commission , stack changes have occurred in the Indian Economy causing chages in the macroeconomic scenario . The functions of the Finance Commission are

  • Role Of Housing Finance

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    1). In housing finance terms, a mortgage is thus a contract charging an immovable property as security for the due repayment of a debt