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  • The Importance Of Journal Writing

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    They say journal writing is waste of time. They say journal writing is waste of paper. They said journal writing is narcissistic expression. Well, I disagree with that. And here is why. Journal writing is beneficial because it reduces stress, boost emotional intelligence and improve your writing skill. Let me guide through each benefits. Firstly, studies have shown that journal writing reduces stress. When you pour out your problems, anger, sadness, disagreement, or bitter emotions into a journal

  • Examples Of Interpersonal Skills

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    communicate in a non-verbal way. Thereare various types of non-verbal communication which include: body movements, this can involve nodding your head for a sign of approval and, the use of hand gestures to emphasise what you are trying to say in a more creative way and helps to give you a more detailed explanation. Simple ‘Yes’ ‘No’ answers to closed questions can show a quick response to a question, but can show impatience in certain cases. Anderson, Jarvis, Kaye, Lawson, McGill, Phillips and Smith (2010

  • Essay On Dysgraphia

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    which permits people to communicate or interact with others. Related to language as a system in social interaction between human being in this world, there are four basic language skills which people should have; listening, speaking, reading, and writing. Those four basic language abilities are very important since they are needed to understand, to process, and to produce both spoken and written language. There is a consensus which connects language and children.

  • Self Discovery Reflection

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    the week’s new course content by practising my own writing. However, my seven journals apply an inconsistent tone indicating a confused target audience. For example, my first journal uses a formal tone through ‘proper’ and descriptive word choice where I explain that I “provide feedback in a very professional, neutral and advisory tone” for my job (Singh, 2016a). This appeals to ‘logos’ as it presents a degree of maturity and proficiency in my writing. Journal One was intentionally written formally

  • Censorship In Creative Arts Essay

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    Abstract: The present paper analyses the impact of censorship on creative arts, especially, literature. Censorship of creative arts dates back to Plato who insisted on the ‘exile of poets’. Here is made an attempt to show how today’s ‘Platos’ have been attacking severely some books and other creative arts (for instance, the paintings of M. F. Hussain) for being “Satanic”, “anti-family”, “anti-Hindu”, “anti-Christian” and “anti- Islamic”. Such acts of censorship which is controlled by a small group

  • Disadvantages Of Creative Accounting

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    Creative accounting has been examined in numerous scholarly papers yet there is no formal concurred definition because of the reality there are distinctive discernments and understandings of what creative accounting envelops. Creative accounting is by and large the European expression and has been characterised as a procedure by which management exploit crevices or ambiguities in accounting standards to present a one-sided picture of financial performance, by Balaciu et al (2009). It doesn't break

  • Suspenseful Experience In Stephen King's 'Misery'

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    that we experience in our sheltered lives actually prove useful when writing a story? No, because they're too mundane. We rarely have thrilling twists in our daily lives. We rarely experience strong emotions, especially negative ones like bloodcurdling terror or blinding rage.

  • The Importance Of Knowledge In Critical And Critical Thinking

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    most knowledge can be achieved though critical thinking or by creative thinking, yet some knowledge is directly presented to us, such as how history is based on evidence from the past, but that evidence can be studied critically to gain more knowledge, which means that not all knowledge is created by critical or creative thinking. Therefore, only some knowledge can be generated though critical thinking, such as in mathematics and creative thinking, such as

  • Women's Roles In Indian Literature

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    There was also a time when it was a sin to hold a pen for women. Writing was thought to be a male bastion only. Woman was the queen of her four walls and a roof under which she could do anything feminine but not writing that was only a masculine task. Mary Shelley’s most popular science fiction Frankenstein was first published anonymously. Mary Ann Evans used the pseudonym George Eliot to write her novels. Robert Southy had told Charlotte Bronte that “literature cannot be the business of women’s

  • The Benefits Of Student Life

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    huge investment. And above all you are the boss. Best online jobs for students. 1. Freelancing Freelancing is the first word which comes to my mind for the list. Their are many alternatives available for freelancing as per our skill level. Be it writing, web designing, coding, technology, photography. Just keep in mind work hard and you can earn money online from home. Below are the few online jobs for students where they can earn money online as a freelancer. elance