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  • Creative Writing: The Proctor's Poem

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    Sidebottom was as bored as any decapitated head could be after being left attached to the console of a small boring ship, inside a boring hanger bay, belonging to a huge boring exploration vessel. He hated boredom with a passion. To such an extent, he decided that, after all the fighting ended, he would put forward a partition to the Legal Council, in which he would be Head Administrator, for it to be outlawed. Or better still, invent a Happy Chip. He was in his third hour of utter tedium

  • Creative Writing: Landscaping Of Heaven

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    Heaven wasn't the place that religion had made it out to be. It wasn't a place of fluffy white clouds and a giant golden gate. It also wasn't a place where everyone was equal, where almost everyone who wasn't a deceased human was an angel. Heaven was a place of class. The deceased humans were placed in their own personal heaven while others decided everything in the living world and the dead world. There were the normal angels who guarded Heaven and those who protected specific humans but there were

  • Creative Writing: The Crucible Thaddeus

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    Arden thanked Thaddeus for the added help, and wound have complained about the seating arrangements, if he hadn’t of said anything. “I didn’t say I was afraid to fall! I said I’d be mad if she drops us…” She said with her cheeks puffed out, as Kzald took off. She made sure that Othin wouldn’t fly off, since he couldn’t do so for himself. After they were in the air for a bit, the man started to explain things to her and she listened intently. When he spoke of the cave, it peaked her interest quite

  • Central Park Creative Writing

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    An unsettling evening wind started to blow its way through the Central Park. The sun began to set, sending a cascade of colors streaming through the evening sky. The day had started with the normal chaos that a normal Friday had encompassed. John was having difficulty finishing the last piece of business for that day, his mind kept day dreaming towards his lovely wife and wonderful children. As he set in his chair completely exhausted in his tattered office listening to the clock that was ticking

  • Creative Writing: Proserpina's Journeys

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    The cold and delectable angled seeds, covered by a thin film layer, burst in her mouth releasing sweet and tart juices pleasing her desperate tastebuds. Sweet and sour, perhaps a sign of the new journey awaiting for Proserpina. The beginning of her journey has arrived, with tear stained cheeks and glossy eyes, Proserpina drapes her soothing arms around her weeping mother. "You have taught me well, I go in confidence and triumphant I shall return." She softly spoke into her devoted mother's ear.

  • Creative Writing: Rhonda's Room

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    She walked up the stairs, ready to conquer and clean. As she opened the creaking door, she expected to see towering boxes of ancient toys and old sets of china and other junk. Like in the movies, with spiders and webs, peeling paint and maybe an old crib. Or a map and some long forgotten treasures, just waiting for her to find. But all she found was a room,full of light and clolor. She was stunned by the beauty of it all. As her eyes focused, she began to realize that the swirling and dancing of

  • Creative Writing: The Scorpo-Rats

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    She quickly cast her hidden spell about herself, its coolness making her feel safer. She sprinted down the corridor. Merryn pussy footed further down the hallway looking for any exits. The hallway turns to the right further down is a flight of stairs. The torches flickered deep down into the depths. He forced herself to calm her mind, to quit, it's racing of its and buts before she proceeded down them. Come on now don't forget what you were taught, get control. After what seems like an eternity

  • Creative Writing: Buffy The Vampire Slayer

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    As rough as a gig as Slaying was, Buffy had to admit it was a hell of a way to get your cardio in. A few minutes ago she had spotted a girl about her age being dragged out of the Bronze, presumably to an inaudible vampire dinner bell, one thing had led to the next, and now Buffy was right in the middle of her nightly work out. Usually she tried to keep the fights short; it felt way too much like asking for trouble not to end it where she could. But once in awhile she gave a vamp a few extra minutes

  • Creative Writing: John Thornton And Buck

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    John Thornton and Buck looked at each other. “ You poor devil,” said John Thornton and Buck licked his hand. John Thornton and Buck walk off upon the glazing night skies, and Buck is thinking why would he not give me up for money, I’m not going to be here for long, sometime in life I'm going to run off and become someone else’s dog. “ I love John Thornton very much, I will hurt the person who hurt him so bad.” Thought Buck. John thought “ Why would those people want a strong dog like Buck, cant

  • Creative Writing: Things Fall Apart

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    Taran pounded the front of his black-tar-covered shield with his fist. “Hold up the gods damned shield! Not down by your feet, but up over your head! And why do all these shields look like a wolf’s chewed on them?” He flung his own weapons down onto the ground and stormed up to the line of his warriors, all of whom stood there shamefaced. It was not like Taran to curse and bluster in public. He’d all but forgotten about the dozen or so villagers looking on, a common occurrence on training days when