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  • Economic Development

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    The railroads played a important role in the economic and social development of the United States for about 100 years. The rail transport infrastructure gives impact to the community at the local area. The development of railroads can increase the employment opportunities at the local area. For example, at the Michigan, costs of the railroads construction about $10,000,000 and will affect to the creation of new jobs that estimated 90 to 140 jobs. These development provides benefit to community because

  • Economic Influence Of Protectionism

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    By interpreting this economic model in relation to the tariff/quota imposing country’s cultural and political identity, I want to show that in most cases the economy is left worse off after limiting imports and obstructing free trade. Furthermore, the ones who are always hurt the most are the final consumers – the citizens of the country. They are the ones who play the major role when it comes to determining culture and political views. By leaving them worse off, the government shortsightedly makes

  • Economic Influence On Economic Growth

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    The Influence of Innovations on the Economic Growth While analyzing impact of innovation activity on the economy as a whole, it should be emphasized that the significance of a given issue was first revealed in the 20th century. Thanks to the rapid development of technologies and globalization, which promoted industrialization and knowledge exchange, the researchers concluded that the correlation of economic growth and prosperity and the innovation activity is rather high. There are

  • Economic Diversification In Botswana

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    Due to the global economic recession overall GDP declined by 6 percent, causing a fall in diamond sales of about 3.5 percent (Bank of Botswana)The balance of payments also experienced a deficit of 4.5 billion in 2008 to 2009. WHY HAS NDPs FAILED TO ACHIEVE ECONOMIC GROWTH WITH SOCIAL JUSTICE FAILURE OF ECONOMIC DIVERSIFICATION Despite a series of supportive policies over the years, such the industrial development policy (IDP),Special economic policy, Financial assistance

  • Ghana Economic Problems

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    After Ghana’s independence the nation came across many economic, social and political problems whom of were later solved by Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s President at that time. Ghana was one of the bottom countries in Africa when talking about how Kwame’s biggest achievement as a leader was that he lead Ghana to gain independence from the British. Nkrumah was the first head of state of an independent post-colonial nation in Africa south of the Sahara, shortly after he led Ghana to national liberation

  • Factor Analysis In Economics

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    not the same across the types of units. The P value is less than the table value. Hence the null hypothesis is rejected. 6.24 FACTOR ANALYSIS: To test the various problems faced by MSMEs both in Hyderabad and Visakhapatnam district, factor analysis was used. This analysis is applied as a data reduction. In order to test the validity of the data for factor analysis KMO (Kaiser Meyer Olkin ) and Bartlett’s test of Sphericity was conducted. This test is an indicator to know how well the sample data

  • Market Structure In Economics

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    A household consists of one or more people that staying under the same roof, who shares their meals together and living place. However, some household may only consist of a single family or grouping of people who are friends. When comes to the economics field, there is a market structure. The market structure can affect the price of a firm to charge on their products in the industry. The market structure can be defined as the number of firms that produce identical goods and services in the market

  • Paternalism In Behavioural Economics

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    The system attested itself in the 70s as a free sub-discipline conceived on the junction of economic aspects and psychology research. From the earliest starting point, behavioural economics has tested the standard (neo-classical) economic theory. From a methodological perspective, its fundamental particular component is the wide use of experimental strategies (pre-overwhelmingly in research center settings and, to

  • Economic Development In Ethiopia

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    years, making Ethiopia the fastest growing non-oil-producing country in Africa. The government plays an active role in economic development by channeling foreign investment and other financial resources to the sectors it believes can contribute most to economic growth. It has invested heavily in infrastructure, education and health, which has created an environment conducive to economic growth.

  • Lisavia Economic Policies

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    Good afternoon, President of Lisavia, as your economic advisory to raise the nation’s productivity, we will need three economic policies that ensure the nation increase of standard living. To influence the growth rates the president can use technological knowledge to help. Also making an investment from abroad can help as well. Don’t forget to give an education and health and nutrition to people of Lisavia as their labor is the driving force. By utilizing technological knowledge people can understand