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  • Jack Kaling's Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

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    “It ain’t whatcha write, it’s the way achta write it” stated Jack Kerouac, an influential novelist during the mid-1900s. Although a controversial person, his words are significant when thinking about the writing style that an author uses. One could write about any single topic in the world, but the way that they write it and set it up is how they sell it. Even in modern literature of the twenty-first century, the style of what is written is completely critical to what the reader gets a universal

  • Creative Writing: Your Sister Is Gone: Dead

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    Your sister is gone. Dead. Thrown from the car… accident. Dead. These were the words that plagued my mind as I walked on the concrete city sidewalk. They rattled the inside of my skull, throwing themselves onto bone time and time again like fish trying to tear themselves out of fishing nets. It had been a year yet they still haunted me. Each time one surfaced, it sent a new jolt of grievous pain through me, causing my hands to tremble slightly and my mind to grasp pictures I dreaded seeing. Dead

  • Creative Writing: My First Night In The Army

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    I signed up for the army when I was 17, I look at least 19 so the whole pretending I'm older thing was a breeze. When I thought of war I thought of glory. Red banners flying high in the sky, girls cheering. The men would drink around the campfire at night and we would have our choice of whichever female we wanted. We were heroes after all. I had no idea how wrong I was. My first night in the army, shivering as the cold enveloped us. No fires were to be lit..... the Nazis were out there somewhere

  • Creative Writing: Don T Go Back To School

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    As Melanie (Mel) and her friends walked down the street, getting farther and farther away from school, Mel was beginning to be worried. “Ummmm don’t you guys think we should go back to school now?” she asked. She knew that all of her best friends were nagging to do something bad. Her friend John stated, “ No, we are just gonna sneak off to the mall for a sec.” Her friends kept walking, but Mel knew there would be potential consequences. “Well, I guess we can go to the mall as

  • Creative Writing: Working At Sacred Heart Nursing Home

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    __ __ __ __ ___ __ __ __ __ “WHERE ARE MY LOAFERS!” he said in a raspy voice. "Let me help you, Sir ; this shoe goes on your left foot and the other one goes on your right. Whenever you need even the littlest bit of assistance, just press down on the nurse call button; it’s next to your elbow. And of course, don't forget to say 'Help!' and i'll rush right over" After providing this instruction, I smiled at the man , even though I knew he could not see me. I was unknowingly being their eyes

  • Creative Writing In J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter

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    The idea of adolescence, kid’s writing is a social develop that keeps on rising after some time. Kids' writing involves those writings that have been composed particularly for youngsters and those writings that youngsters have chosen to peruse all alone, and the limits between youngsters' writing and grown-up writing are shockingly liquid. J. K. Rowling's harry potter arrangement is accessible in grown-up and kids' adaptations with the main contrast being the book's spread workmanship. While people

  • Mahatma Gandhi's Travel Writing

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    Kakashae b Kalelkar who was deeply influenced by Gandhian philosophy, produced a remar kable volume of travel writing which has its important place in Indian Bhasha lite rature in general. The need and curiosity of visiting places within the country was intensified during this time. Gandhi appealed the writers to go amidst people, be part o f them and write thereafter rather than elitist writing done from sitting in one place . Travel writers also welcomed this appeal and thus kept realistic narration

  • My Weakness In My Writing

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    The biggest writing weakness I had before English 100 ,was not knowing what to write about or how to organize my ideas when I write, before I would just write whatever came to mind not organizing my ideas first,I challenged with writing a thesis and reflecting it to my whole essay without being redundant. Some beginning of term goals were to not to procrastinate get my work done without pushing it off until another time.Another one of my goals were to study more.One of my bigest writing goals was

  • Write-Rinse: Improving My Writing Skills

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    with respect to the review process of completing a college writing assignment. I am subsequently no longer clueless; therefore, upon having my paper graded and returned, I will now begin to polish the positive aspects of my writing skills, as well as evaluate and improve upon the aspects of those skills in need of an upgrade. Luckily, I have been blessed with an amazing professor who just happens to be impressively passionate about writing and English as a study. As such, I find myself with not

  • Personal Narrative: Improving My Writing

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    In order to improve my writing, I will need to make a number of changes to both structure and grammar. One of the first changes I will need to make is about my thesis statement. It does not include the three parts needed and it does not make a very strong argument. Another skill I will need to improve is the length of my paragraphs. Although my paragraphs make good points and follow along with their advanced organizers, they do not contain a sufficient amount of sentences. Next time I write, I will