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  • Creative Writing: The Day That Changed My Life

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    *** June 24, 2009. The day it all started. I was told to meet James by the woods. So, I wore a black skater dress hiding my thighs, thinking it was a second date or something. We have been together for about a year. I felt his green eyes looking at me, as I nervously played with my hands. My legs started to shake faster and there was nothing I could do to stop it. The silence between us started to overpower. I tried to lean in for a kiss, but he slowly drifted away. I could hear my heart shatter

  • Creative Writing: All Quiet On The Western Front

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    I was walking through the cold, dark forest when i heard a rustle of leaves to my right. I looked and saw nothing. I continued down the path. I was on my way home from a friends house. My mother had always told me to never go home through the forest alone. It had gotten dark though and I had needed to get home and this was the fastest route. About 5 minutes later I heard the rustle again. I turned around only to see a tall man coming towards me. I started to panic. I tried to run the opposite

  • Naturalistic Writing

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    Naturally Writing is an art. Everyone can do it. If you are speaking to a friend or posting on Facebook you are writing. The way I see it is that anything you say or do can be translated into writing. And the best writing comes from you. Naturalistic writing is what comes from ones own mind that gets transitioned from thought to paper. That is what I see as the best way to write. Other writers like Colson Whitehead believe that “The art of writing can be reduced to a few simple rules” but I think

  • Describe The Writing Process

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    The writing process requires a lot of thought and time devoted to it. Having to write an essay almost every week can feel like when many people are talking to you at once and you don’t know who to listen to, it’s overwhelming. When looking back into my past writing experiences, the one that immediately comes to my head would be when I had to write an essay talking about a cause that we wanted to contribute to and how we were going to do it. I would have been just fine if my teacher hadn’t said we

  • My Writing Style Analysis

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    Writing techniques can be difficult to learn since it is always changing. The changing of the styles of writing is harder or easier for an individual to read the material. One major style of writing that has gained interest is using American Psychological Association (APA) after being first introduced. According to Sigal (2010), APA format was challenging for individuals. It was challenging since the style is different than MLA, which people could not grasp the change, myself included. APA when first

  • Hella Salty: The Conversation Style Of Writing

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    Perhaps the easiest type of writing is the conversations style we use in our everyday correspondences with friends. Marked by a distinctly colloquial tone and subjective viewpoints, this level of usage features short and choppy sentences, and it may even include fragments or run-on sentences. Moreover, the diction is usually quite simple and may include clipped words (such as flu instead of influenza), profanities, and slang. This level of usage is inappropriate for college writing, but is often utilized

  • Comparing Punishment And Reward

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    Writing: Punishment and Skill or Reward and Art Is writing a form of punishment and skill or a reward and form of art? The thought of this question proposes the following summaries of two essays contained in “Essays on Writing,” by Lizbeth A. Bryant and Heather M. Clark. (Bryant & Clark, 2009) By comparing the essays of Roy Peter Clark and Stanley Aronowitz I hope to convey that writing should be viewed as an artful reward to the picturesque words conveyed to our readers, not as a punishment to

  • Summary Of Writing Down The Bones By Natalie Goldberg

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    Isaac Asimov, known for I, robot, famously said: “I write for the same reason I breathe - because if I didn't, I would die.” This is what Natalie Goldberg was saying in Writing Down the Bones, almost like we all have a deontological sense of writing. She loved to write, and felt as though she had many things to tell the world. Goldberg explained the secrets of becoming a writer in short stories that had many valuable lessons such as, loneliness, doubt, and asked the fundamental question, why we write

  • Face Writing In College As An International Student Essay

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    ready are you to face writing in college as an international student? College and High school differ in many ways, requiring students to make significant transitions. One of the many thing that differs college graduates from high school graduates is writing. The writing course in college often incorporate challenging writing assignments that require students to think critically. Due to the difficulty that writing brings, many students have negative feelings toward writing assignments. Among these

  • Donald Murray Objective

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    past that has told us that we have to write objectively. I have always wondered why this has been the rule we have had drilled into our heads when it comes to writing a paper. This is more than something that we have been told not to do we have been marked down points for doing so. It is impossible to write without having yourself in the writing. In an article by Donald Murray, he talks about how everything we write is autobiography. This well-known writer believes that this is unavoidable. So if this