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  • Creative Writing: Looking In The Mirror

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    When you look into the mirror who do you see? The eyes that stare back, are they your own? When I look in the mirror, a dull pair of blue eyes stares back. The shine long is gone. It left when reality came. The most ordinary and typical pair of eyes ever. I don’t know who they belong to. This person that stares back, is that me? Who am I? “What do you feel.” she asked, “You know you can open up to me.” “I know, Jessica. But I can’t.” “Why not?” “ Because I…” I can’t say it. I can’t tell them that's

  • Creative Writing: A Fictional Narrative

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    "So easy to fool, amazing." ### He said, shaking his head as they disappeared. Chuckling to himself, he then commanded the spell cloaking his body to cease, and became visible once again. Kar started to focus on the ground below him using his floating staff to cause it to part. After a few seconds, the ground opened into a small portal. Crackling with energy, the portal grew larger to reveal a stairway leading down. Carrying Merryn, into the darkness he plodded down it. "Ah, it's good to be back

  • Cum Bum Creative Writing

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    Bum Bum, Bum Bum, Bum Bum, my heart was pounding out of my chest. The icy winter wind sends a shiver down my spine as I dash through the twisted and narrow path of the tall dark and slender trees. I feel the jagged ends of the wicked branches as if they are slapping me and sending pins and needles throughout my back as I pass by. I collapse on the frozen ground from tripping on a long narrow object out in the middle of nowhere. Adrenaline burns through my veins and I can’t feel the pain. I touch

  • Jasper Jones Creative Writing

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    I remember it like it was yesterday. Arriving at the field a little later than everybody else, I had no choice but to join the back of the crowds. It was stark cold freezing. The sky had a dark mist to it and the great greens below felt surprisingly sumptuous. There wasn’t a person in sight who didn’t have their fleece jacket and woolly scarf on. The majority of the people were families and the odd crowd of rebel teens. Shouting beyond comfort, a man who appeared undeniably drunk, was being very

  • Creative Writing: A Fictional Narrative

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    "I loved that night though, we should do it again sometime," Ed said and I immediately started giggling. I jokingly slapped his arm (pretty big muscles if I do say so myself) and he chuckled beside me, hugging my tightly again. "So tell me now, how's everything in the house? Who's with who and who hates who?" He laughed, everybody else joining in. "Diana's with me." Justin was quick to say, he sounded way too serious and wasn't laughing (nor smiling) like everyone else. I shot him my evil eyes

  • Creative Writing: Dust In The Wind

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    Dust in the wind I never liked the sun. The giant fiery ball was nothing but a reminder of the grim end that was closing in on us. At least an end to our way of living. Governments all over the planet were completely focused on finding new ways to conserve human and animal lives. Bunkers were being built, trips to Mars arranged, and research on nearby planets and solar systems’ hospitability had never been more intense. “Yet here I am, just waiting for time to pass.” I said out loud, staring up at

  • Creative Writing: Damsel With A Metal

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    Damsel with a Metal Leg Laying down on my back flat with the sun's heat radiating of the intense asphalt feeling numb from my toes to my head as the adrenaline rushed through my immobilized body trying to comprehend what had just happened with blurred figures running toward my direction that is when my life changed…… My story begins on a hot afternoon day on 2 Feb. 2013; I began this day's journey on 43rd Avenue and Bell road riding my bicycle to 75th Avenue

  • Creative Writing: Port Maitland

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    Port Maitland… That’s the beach in Nova Scotia where the old wharf is. If you go when the tide is low, there it sits, just behind a bush of tall, yellow-green grass. At first sight, you would think it had no business being there. How had it no rot away? What happens when the tide comes in? But, nevertheless, there it sits… Built from planks of once rich brown cedar, now it’s silvered and faded like the bark of a birch tree. Six by six, planks are lashed together with fraying rope and rusted rivets

  • Creative Writing: Plumbum Lead

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    Hi, I’m Lead but all my scientist friends call me Pb for short. Since I have been known since ancient times, I have no known discoverer. I got my nickname from my Latin name, Plumbum. I got my real name from the Anglo-Saxon word for metal, “Lead”. However, The Romans called me “plumbum nigrum” meaning “black lead” due to the fact that what they called “white lead” is now my friend Tin. My physical appearance is a metallic blueish gray and I come in a solid state with a density of 11.342 grams per

  • Creative Writing: The Cold War

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    Blood rushed through my veins accompanied by pure rage. My sister was dead because of these people. They killed her. Before they could drag me away, I quickly reached down and grabbed the biggest piece of glass from the broken mirror. I held it tightly as I whipped my arm around and stabbed the shard into a guard's arm. They instantly let of me and cried out in pain. Another guard bolted towards me and pushed me against the wall. I could feel my feet rise off the ground with the force of the impact