European History

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  • Benin Bronzes Analysis

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    specified plates from the AA100 Illustration Book, in order to better understand how, over the last century, European attitudes towards the bronzes have changed. Initially objects of monetary significance which furthered imperial colonisation, attitudes have transformed over time into appreciating the artefacts for their cultural significance, not only aesthetically

  • Examples Of New Historicism

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    particular, while cultural studies has taken an increasing interest in history, some historians have expressed a sense of being overtaken or displaced by cultural studies. E. P. Thompson and his The Making of the English Working Class (1978) not only constructs the English working class, ‘calling it up’ through the writing of its story, it also ushers in a new kind of history. Instead of focusing on the elite and the powerful, Thompson’s history places its distinctive emphasis on those who lived ordinary lives

  • The Importance Of Collective Identity

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    In order to answer the research question on how the European Union has enhanced the collective identity within the European Union by combating islamic terroristic groups, the term 'collective identity' has to be examined. An amount of academic literature has focused on how collective identity can be acquired. According to Delanty (2005), a collective identity can only be achieved through a social group or an institutional framework that illustrates a collective self-identification (p.131). Moreover

  • Gone Girl Film Analysis

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    their context in interpreting events in history. Concerns such as unreliable narrators, subjectivity in perception, media reality, and limitations of memory have been brought up and will be further discussed. In all the 3 films mentioned above, unreliable narrator

  • Detective-Suspense Analysis

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    By using an omniscient narrator, TV series could enable audience to know more than characters, which creates Thriller-Suspense. Like in the case when Joyce is about to be killed, the audience can see the white shadow emerging from his back yet the character could not. “Secret”-Suspense and Detective-Suspense can also be created in the narration adopted omniscient Narrator strategy, yet omniscient Narrator is not the main reason to create these suspense. 5.1.2 Deviating from Chronological Order

  • The Pros And Cons Of European Union

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    Talking about European Union, we are talking about 27 quite successful countries, which are reasonably stable in political and economical aspects. And even if it will happen, something bad in one country there is guarantee that other 26 will try to help for this one at least. And this stability based on a strong cooperation is a very attractive for people who have to or want to leave their own country. It is in human nature to seek a better life and these is the main reason why EU countries have

  • The Importance Of Humility In History

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    the best at teaching those virtues once reserved for theology--humility in the face of our limited ability to know, and awe in the face of the expanse of human history”. This is another one of Wineburg’s thoughts in regards to history. In other words, history teaches us that we have to be humble and never take anything for granted. History shows what happens to those that just take advantage of everything, and that never ends positively. Humility is one of the most important ideas that we should

  • Discuss The Reasons For European Integration

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    The main vehicles for European integration were trade, investment, and integration through people, ideas and exchange of knowledge. The result of these vehicles being interconnectedness between different countries. The main motives that drove European integration were to raise efficiency in production, this was done through industrialised specialisation which was enhanced by increased competition. Another reason was to increase production levels due to a better exploitation of economies of scale

  • Pros And Cons Of Refugees

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    others seek refuge in other countries, becoming refugees. Many Middle Eastern and North African countries especially have many experiences of terrorism and government corruption, leading to refugees flooding into the nearest safe house: Europe. Many European countries are having difficulties handling the refugees, due to many reasons. While it is unethical for these countries to turn away the refugees, as they are just trying to survive, it is difficult from the perspective of a government to accept

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Singapore's National Education

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    In the past, Singapore’s history took the backseat in education because it was deemed as useless and other disciplines that imparts scientific and technical skills was emphasized to support Singapore’s rapid industrialization. Today, more emphasis were place on the government’s National Education (NE) programme with the aim to “develop national cohesion, the instinct for survival and confidence in the future ”. Six key NE messages were derived from the aims of the NE programme and they are being